Introducing After All This Time

After All This Time

After All This Time Michigan Themed Products

After All This Time is a farmhouse chic boutique in Sault Ste, Marie, Michigan that puts a lot of emphasis on quality and care with everything they offer.
After All This Time is a Christian based business started by Rebecca Fegan. It all started with her blogs and eventually branched out into a baby line of Michigan theme swaddles and jewelry. But she didn’t stop there. In July of 2018 she opened a store in Downtown Sault Ste. Marie which offers not only her baby line but also the Original Made with Love from God’s Country design which was created by Rebecca herself
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, as well as several other Michigan made and Michigan themed products. She is proud to be a faith based woman who is always embracing, empowering, and inspiring those around her to be the best version of themselves and has brought this into her business as well. After All This Time leaves you feeling refreshed, lightened, and inspired and the products remind you of that feeling when you are wearing them.