The Loo Hook

The Loo Hook will keep your purse, bag, or jacket close, concealed, and clean of harmful bacteria found on the bathroom floor. The Loo Hook gives you the ability to be hands free where they need to be the most: the loo, or restroom, or privy, or john, or lavatory, or however you call it. The patented universal design of The Loo Hook allows for multiple uses; if you can find an edge, it will allow you to be hands and germ free!
  • The Loo Hook holds up to 50lbs.
  • The Loo Hook weighs less than ½ oz.
  • The Loo Hook measures 4″ tall.
  • The Loo Hook is available in pink and blue.
  • $9.95. Or buy 2 Loo Hooks and save 15%!
Low as $8.47 each
The Loo Hook
The Loo Hook
The Loo Hook
The Loo Hook
The Loo Hook
Made In Michigan
Like most people I frequent public restrooms or restaurants throughout the day and don’t like leaving my leather satchel on the floor. The Loo Hook is so light and compact and easily supports my 25 lb bag anywhere I go. Cool product! Mark Hamm

I hate putting my nice purses on the floor and with the Loo Hook I no longer have to. I have used it on both tables and chairs. I carry it in my purse so that I always have it with me. Thank you Loo Hook! R. Steinbeck

After having to throw out an expensive purse because of dirt and damage, I ordered the Loo Hook. It’s a super convenient, and can I can use it anywhere to keep my stuff safe and clean. Amy

Great product for a reasonable price! Once you have it, you will be amazed how often you find yourself in need of this handy gadget to keep your bag off undesirable floors. John

I love my Loo Hook! I got it in the mail last week and I’ve already used it several times!! It comes in handy and I plan to never leave home without it! It’s tucked away in my purse for safe keeping so it’s always with me when I need it. Anna