Rich Buttery Toffee

Rich buttery toffee with chocolate and almonds is now available at Michigan Made Products & Gifts! This classic toffee is buttery and rich, and pairs very well with dark chocolate, but you can also order it with milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate. You also have your choice of nuts – almonds, pecans, or no nuts. Only the finest ingredients are used. A 1 pound bag of English Toffee is a simple and elegant gift idea for that special someone with a sweet tooth. Have the best English Toffee ever delivered right to their door!
Becky’s Kountry Kitchen also offers unique and great tasting jams and jellies – such as Candy Apple Jelly, Caramel Apple Jam, Chocolate Cherry Jam, Peach Amaretto Jam, Rootbeer Jelly, and Moonshine Jelly to name just a few. And you won’t find any better sweet breaks than Becky’s Kountry Kitchen Sweet Breads in Apple, Banana, Blueberry Zucchini, and Peach Pecan. Get the real down home taste with Becky’s Kountry Kitchen’s homemade Jams & Jelly, Sweet Breads, and English Toffee!


Beckeys Kountry Kitchen has 9 New Jam and Jelly Flavors!

Beckeys Kountry Kitchen has nine new jam and jelly flavors! Candy Apple Jelly tastes just like candy apples from the fair. The Caramel Apple Jam will remind you of fall time with fresh made caramel apples. The Chocolate Cherry Jam tastes just like Cordial chocolate covered cherries. The Chocolate Strawberry Jam tastes just like a chocolate covered strawberry! The Moonshine Jelly has a hint of white wine. The Peach Amaretto Jam is made with Georgia peaches and Amaretto Liqueur. The Raspberry Jalapeno Jam is “sweet heat”. The Rootbeer Jelly tastes just like a rootbeer float when put on ice cream. And the Strawberry Banana Jam tastes great on any thing!