Sunshine’s Homemade Sauces

Made from scratch the old fashioned way. The way it used to be, the way it should be. Sunshine’s Homemade is Sunshine’s unique brand gourmet food that is cooked the old fashioned way – starting with simple ingredients and made from scratch. The nutrition, time and love that goes into Sunshine’s Homemade brand recipes sets these sauces apart from all other brands. Michigan made BBQ and Carolina Gold Sauces are becoming a Michigan family tradition.
Sunshine's Homemade Sauces

Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce

Sunshine’s Homemade Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce is a bold and savory southern style recipe with a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Use for dipping your favorite fried food, on burgers or sandwiches, grilled or baked on ribs, chicken, steak or pork, in pulled pork and more. Once you taste this Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce you will see why people say that it’s the best BBQ sauce they’ve ever tasted. Made from scratch and with no MSG, no gluten, no corn syrup, no additives or preservatives. Sunshine’s Homemade Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce has no comparison. Try it and you’ll be hooked. One jar of sauce is never enough!
Sunshine’s Homemade Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce

Hot Carolina Gold Sauce

Sunshine’s Hot Carolina Gold Sauce is Sunshine’s newest recipe and is a Michigan made Gourmet food product made from scratch, the old fashioned way. The way that it used to be, the way that it should be. Only natural ingredients, with NO MSG, no gluten, corn syrup or artificial ingredients are used. This sauce was inspired by the Carolina style grilling sauce that pleases mustard lovers. Use for dipping pretzels and nuggets or on sandwiches and pizza, or on your favorite cuts of meat. Excellent on wings, pork tenderloin and chicken breast, this is very versatile and can also be substituted in any of your mustard recipes.
Sunshine’s Homemade Hot Carolina Gold Sauce

Messy Dave’s Gourmet Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix

Messy Dave’s is a complete Sloppy Joe dry seasoning mix of natural ingredients – Nothing artificial and No preservatives! All you need is ground meat; Messy Dave’s and water! Use with any ground meat; beef, chicken, turkey, pork, ham, venison, bison. You can even use vegetable protein in place of meat! Messy Dave’s Gourmet Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix is available in Original and Mild flavors. A li’l sweet, a li’l spicy…A lotta good! Resealable pouch allows you to make from one sandwich to eight sandwiches!
Select Flavor

Messy Dave’s Ingredients: Chili Powder, Onion, Brown Sugar, Spices, White Sugar, Garlic, Tomato, Salt, Cornstarch
Brown up 1 lb. of ground meat or 1/2 lb. of vegetable protein. Drain excess grease. Add Messy Dave’s & mix. Add 1 1/2 cups of water. Simmer for 10 minutes to desired consistency. Serve on hamburger bun.

Recipes with Messy Dave’s Sloppy Joe Dry Seasoning Mix

Stuff Peppers
  1. Prepare Messy Dave’s per pouch instructions with ground beef or ground chicken.
  2. Cut 12 mini bell peppers (red, yellow and orange) in half lengthwise. Remove seeds and stems.
  3. Stuff with Messy Dave’s mixture.
  4. Keep beef or chicken filled peppers warm in a 200F oven until ready to serve
  5. Makes 24 appetizers.
Sour Cream Dip
  1. 1 – 8oz. tub sour cream
  2. 4 – Tbs. Mild Messy Dave’s Seasoning Mix
  3. Stir Messy Dave’s dry seasoning mix (more or less to taste) into sour cream.
  4. Mix well. Chill at least one hour. Serve with potato chips.
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  1. Set oven to 300F.
  2. 4 to 5 lb. Pork Shoulder Roast.
  3. 1 – pouch Messy Dave’s Seasoning Mix (Original or Mild flavor)
  4. Sprinkle all sides of roast with Messy Dave’s Seasoning Mix.
  5. Place on a rack inside a 9”x 13” baking pan.
  6. Roast for 4-6 hours until roast pulls away with a fork.
  7. Remove roast and cool until it can be pulled apart using 2 forks.
  8. Serve on hamburger buns or Kaiser rolls.
  9. Add yellow mustard, bread & butter pickles and onion if desired.
  1. 1 lb. ground meat of your choice (beef, chicken, turkey, venison)
  2. 4 Tbs. Messy Dave’s Seasoning Mix (Original or Mild); more or less to taste
  3. Mix ground meat with Messy Dave’s Seasoning Mix.
  4. Divide meat into 4 servings and form patties.
  5. Grill or pan fry until they reach desired doneness.
  6. Serve on buns with desired condiments.
  7. Makes 4 servings.
Chicken or Pork Main Dish
  1. Sprinkle Messy Dave’s Seasoning Mix over boneless or bone-in chicken parts or pork loin chops.
  2. Grill on BBQ, bake in oven or pan fry for a quick, easy, delicious entrée.

Hand Crocheted Bottle Holder

The Hand Crocheted Bottle Holders are 100% acrylic, machine washable and dryable. This Crocheted Bottle Holder is made to be worn cross-body and is available in a variety of colors. Custom orders are available with up to 3 colors per item*. Each Crocheted Bottle Holder measures 4 1/2″ w x 6″ L.
Choose Color
*Custom Color(s):
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Full warranty against defects. Return or exchange is acceptable if request is made within 14 days of delivery. Item(s) must be returned within 30 days of delivery and in the same condition and packaging. Custom items can not be returned or exchanged unless they arrive damaged or defective due to shipment. Buyers is responsible for return shipping costs.

All Around Mackinac Island Family Game

If you’ve ever been to Mackinac Island you’ll certainly remember the fudge, Arch Rock and the Grand Hotel. All those things and more will show up in the All Around Mackinac Island Game for the family.
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Players travel the Island hoping to acquire the most Fun chips. Every location and event card will have directions to take more chips or pass them around. Your only choice will be when to stop rolling the die. Do you push your luck hoping for more Fun? Be careful not to Mack’ Out! Watch the How to Play All Around Mackinac Island Video below.
What’s in the box?
  • 11 Cards
  • 1 Die
  • 50 Chips
  • 1 Pawn
  • 1 Rulesheet
Want to see the rules? You can download the rule sheet here.

Picture a Conversation Card Game

Picture A Conversation
Picture A Conversation
Picture A Conversation - Back of Card
Back Side of Card
Made In Michigan
Picture a Conversation is set of 25 cards that opens the door to meaningful conversations and connection among friends and family. As wonderful as technology is, we can forget how gratifying and important it is to sit down with someone and just talk — one-on-one, in person, with no electronic distractions. Picture a Conversation is designed to get people talking to one another face to face.
Picture a Conversation is different from all other conversation cards. It offers the power of words and image. With spectacular photographs, each card rekindles our link with the natural world, all the while inviting deep and meaningful discussion in a ground breaking way.
Picture a Conversation is for friends, families, spouses, parents and grandparents, energy healers, writers and yoga teachers – anyone and everyone ready for meaningful conversation and sharing. Age appropriate for 8-108!
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How does it work you ask? The front of each Picture a Conversation card features a stunning nature image. On the back are three questions and/or statements designed to get you talking to one another, face-to-face, in real time. Like this:
More Sample Images of Picture a Conversation Cards
Picture A Conversation - New Bud
Picture A Conversation - Lighten Up
Picture A Conversation - Move Through Chaos
Picture A Conversation - Let Beauty Comfort
Picture A Conversation - Mindfulness
Picture A Conversation - Goose Talk

The Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet

The Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet by BundeZe is both a multi-tool and a wallet. The Bandit Wallet is lightweight, rugged, rebuild-able, and the most useful wallet you’ll own! The innovative snap-in bungee cord holds all the important stuff in place while the hard coat anodized multi-tool can help with day to day chores and maintenance. The Bandit Wallet is extremely durable and waterproof – just in case it goes through the wash or joins you in the lake. The Bandit Wallet measures 3″ x 4 1/4″ and weighs just 1.2 ounces.
  • Aircraft grade hard coat anodized aluminum
  • Secure credit card side (8 Cards)
  • 2-1/4 drive holders (2 sided bit included)
  • Paper money side (30 bills)
  • Bottle opener
  • 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 emergency / survival wrench
  • 8,10,13 mm metric wrenches
  • Strap your wallet to other items
  • Rapidly rebuild-able
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
Bandit – Minimalist Survival Multi-Tool Wallet

New Products by Riverstone Gallery Photo Gifts

New photo gifts by Riverstone Gallery featuring puzzles, coasters, glass ornaments and koozies. The photo gift items are available in your choice of a Michigan theme photo by local photographers Gregory Steele and Allyson Schwartz. Or, personalize your photo gift with one of your own photos! These photo gifts make great keepsakes that will last a lifetime.


Silver Loon Jewelers Introduces Michigan Pottery Tile Necklace

Silver Loon Jewelers Introduces Michigan Pottery Tile Necklace! The Michigan pendant is handcrafted and kiln-fired Michigan clay, glazed in beautiful transparent navy blue. Pendant measures 1.5 inches on 24 inch adjustable black leather cord with Bead Knot. This fun necklace is a great layered look when worn with a shorter necklace, or cord can be shortened to desired length. The Michigan Pottery Tile Necklace comes gift boxed ready for giving, each one individually handcrafted. The color tone and design may vary slightly from photo. Many other designs are available in the Pottery Collection.

Mel’s Toffee Introduces New Toffee Flavors

Mel’s Toffee introduces new gourmet flavors – Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee and for the upcoming holidays, Chocolate Gingerbread Crunch Toffee and Peppermint Stick Toffee! This ain’t your Mom’s, Dad’s, Aunt’s or even Granny’s toffee…Nope, it’s just not. What sets Mel’s Toffee apart from the rest is the fact that they are a bit daring with flavors. Mel’s Toffee is a bit bold with toffee flavors that include Honey Dark Rum, Coconut Curry, Sea Salt Pretzel, and Chocolate Covered Cherry. One bite sets you up for another, and another and…well….that bag of gourmet toffee will be gone before you know it!

Blu Border Hand Etched Michigan Theme Glassware

Blü Border recently introduced hand etched Michigan theme glassware! Choose from Drink In Michigan, Explore Michigan and Lake Michigan designs. Each 16 oz glass is made to order and measures 6 in. x 3 1/2 in.