Introducing Simply Creative Living

Simply Creative Living Soap

Simply Creative Living Soap

Simply Creative Living, founded on the basic principal that we can go back to the basics of what really matters, creates Naturally Scented Soaps, Essential Oil Scented Soaps, Specialty Fragrance Soaps, and Michigan Theme Soaps. Not so many years ago, people made everything for themselves. As life got busier, people did not have the time for such things, so the assembly and production lines began. The quality of ingredients in our beauty products was compromised with chemicals and toxins that do our skin and body harm.
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, Karen became increasingly concerned about all these toxins in her own life and decided to do what she could to reduce what was being absorbed into her body. She started experimenting with home-made, more natural beauty items. Many of the herbs used in these products come from her own garden. While talking with friends, Karen found that she was not alone in her concerns, so she started to share her products with them. And now Simply Creative Living would like to share them with you.
Living ‘Simply’ is living with more natural ingredients in your life. Our bodies were not designed to absorb all these chemicals and the Simply Creative Living beauty line seeks to bring us back to the basics. Living ‘Creative’ means not accepting what is easily accessible, but rather seeking out those products and that lifestyle that benefits us in the long run. Finally, ‘Living’ means enjoying the world and people around you. Slowing down to enjoy the beauty that has been placed before you. Living a Simply, Creative, Life.
Naturally Scented Soap – Vegan Sweet Grass. Great for those who have very sensitive skin or don’t want any scent added.
Essential Oil Scented Soap – White Sage. Good for most skin types.
Fragrance Soaps – Starry Night, Michigan Wonderland, and Great Lakes. Great for most skin types.
Michigan Theme Soaps: Michigan Wonderland and Great Lakes

Bath & Spa Products

Aromatherapy for your shower! The steam of your shower will release the Essential Oils.

Old Fashion Soap

Old Fashion Soaps clean gently, without stripping your skin. Made with organic extra virgin olive oil and beautifully wrapped with filter paper and a ribbon.

All Natural Truth Bar Soaps

G.H. Soaps by BodyTruth is committed to using natural ingredients and leaving out synthetics like fragrance oil, parabens, sulfates and artificial coloring agents.

All Natural Organic Soap

100% All natural organic soap made with Shea butter, coconut oil, canola oil, vegetable oil in Macintosh Apple and Coconut Cream fragrance.

A 7/8? thick loofah floats in beautiful layers of citron and aqua soap bar.
Ball Mason Jar full of beach glass soap.

All Natural Bath Bombs

Large heart shaped Bath Bombs are loaded with organic cocoa butter and scented with pure natural extracts.

This pail is packed full of Beach Glass Soap. Citron, white and aqua glass beads hang from the handle.

Bubble Bar

Provides rich creamy foam with organic Cocoa Butter that leaves your skin silky soft while therapeutic essential oils relax and soothe your mind and body
These homemade cold processed soap bars are made with vegetable oils and when it is made and cured, it contains no harsh chemicals or dyes
These decorative soaps will brighten up your bathroom and have a fabulous scent throw. The beautiful, intricate, hand carved designs of these soaps make unique gifts, shower favors or great guest soaps.
Pachy Natural Deodorant is an effective odor-fighting deodorant free of any toxic chemicals in a convenient twist up stick.

Pure Organic Essential Oils are an extremely effective way to aid relaxation, purify the air, ease cold or flu symptoms and soothe the sinuses.

Handcrafted vegan soap available in Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cracklin’ Birch, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Sport and Fitness.
These luxurious bath bags are made of the finest organic lavender buds, 100% pure organic lavender essential oil and Epsom salt.
Peppermint Sea Salt Detox Bar is “IN-YOUR-FACE” refreshing! The essential oil blend in this bar makes it a little spicy
Lower Michigan Goat Milk Glycerin Soaps in many different designs!
Vegan Shave and a Haircut Soap is a clean, sharp masculine scent with hints of aromatic spices and orange zest.
Beard Oil is highly nourishing and will leave the beard soft and healthy.
Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar is chock full of great ingredients which will help restore luster and shine and will nourish the hair.
Use this Shark Decorative Goat Milk Glycerin Soap at your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, in the shower or bath or just let it sit there as decoration!
Upper Michigan Goat Milk Glycerin Soaps in many different designs!
Use this Bride and Groom Rubber Ducky Goat Milk Glycerin Soap at your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, in the shower or bath or just let it sit there as decoration!
Use this Rubber Ducky Goat Milk Glycerin Soap at your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, in the shower or bath or just let it sit there as decoration!
Tropical colored pieces of beach glass soap are suspended in a clear bar.
Use this Turtle Decorative Goat Milk Glycerin Soap at your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, in the shower or bath or just let it sit there as decoration!
Available in Brown Sugar and Vanilla, Coconut Lime, Lavender, Michigan Cherry, Orange Grapefruit and Pearberry fragrances.
Layers of beach glass colored bath salts and wooden spoon with a watercolor wash included.
For the woman with multiple power qualities the Diva Basket is full of power trinkets.
In case of emergency do not break glass! Just twist the jar open and take a stress break.
With all sunshiny bright accessories, perfect for new moms, birthday gals, celebration gifts, bridal gifts, or any occasion to show her she is a light in this world.
Bring the spa home (or take it with you) with this luxurious basket of spa goodies.
Bee Fresh Organic Deodorant is 100% organic and natural. FREE of aluminum, propylene glycol, chemicals, parabens, and artificial scents.
Includes Therapeutic Liniment Oil, Therapeutic Organic Shea Butter Lotion, and a Flaxseed Eye Pillow.
Flaxseed eye pillows create a gentle soothing touch over the eyes.
Essential Oil Vegan Lavender Spearmint Soap”
Essential Oil Vegan Rosemary Mint Soap
Essential Oil Lavender Lemongrass Soap
Activated Charcoal Vegan Soap
All Natural Bath Salts by Salt of the Earth is made with organic Epsom salt, sea salt and 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.

Natural Organic Bath Bombs

Natural Organic Sugar Scrub