Introducing Fine Art for Small Spaces Greeting Cards

Love Rose Greeting Card

Love Rose Greeting Card

Helena Kuttner-Giasson, the artist of Fine Art for Small Spaces, invites you to share in her love of the natural world and recapture moments lost to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The natural world is our prevailing common experience. Creating images of nature, vast or intimate, stirs memories of places and people fondly remembered. The elements of the natural world connect us globally. Flowers represent the temporal existence of all living things. Each blossom, shaped by the environment in a unique way, is symbolic of how life shapes all of us.
As a child, Giasson found her voice through art. The daughter of Soviet Block refugees, she found her drawings of horses, birds, and flowers an effective cultural bridge while she grappled with learning the English Language. Throughout her early childhood years, she was encouraged to continue drawing by various teachers, and her parents enrolled her in private oil painting lessons. This preparation enabled her to enter the University of Michigan School of Art. Over these last few years, her childhood influences have become a strong presence in her work. “I cannot feel a piece is truly finished unless it has the graphic lines incorporated into it.” she says of her florals.
After she spends hours observing and interacting with the natural world, a spontaneous series always takes place, revolving around the inspiring theme. “I don’t know when I shall paint birds again, but after watching a migratory airport in my yard the fall of 2016, I simply sat down and created watercolors of them from my initial impressions and emotions.” Giasson works in two styles, abstracted landscapes primarily in acrylic, and tightly rendered and composed florals in both acrylic and watercolor. She feels that both are necessary to maintain a sense of creative balance and artistic challenge. “A stint of creating tightly compose florals is relieved by letting the muse guide my palette and my hand with the landscapes that reside deep within my mind.”
Many of Giasson’s private commissions are noted by anecdotes of how healing and inspiring the work is to her clients, reminding them of people and places fondly remembered.
“Gorgeous, festive cards made by a true artist! Received very quickly, packaged securely. I can’t wait to send these to family and friends!” KS from Wisconsin

“I love this artist’s designs and colors

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, and artwork! The quality is very good and professionally produced.” Joyce from Florida

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