Norris-Banonis Group Automotive Calendars

Wall Calendars Nice Enough for Your Coffee Table
Since 2006, Norris-Banonis Group has been making automobile calenders knows as “coffee table books“. They have supplied the Jeep calendars to the Chrysler Museum, Camp Jeep and Jeep dealers. The fire truck calendars have received praise from fire museums across the country – many photos are taken at the Frankenmuth Fire Muster in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The Broken Down Heroes calendar showcases photojournalist Bob Christy‚Äôs artistic nature.
All of the automotive calendars feature icons representing important dates in history as they relate to the calendar – such as what date the first Jeep was built. Each month contains little known facts and artifacts about the vehicle of the month. The inside back covers also contain a photo essay about something related to the calendar subject. For example, the 2015 Broken Down Heroes story is about the development of the Ford Edsel.
The Norris-Banonis Group calendars have so much information in them, hence the term “coffee table books“. These unique calendars are unlike any other automotive calendar on the market. In fact, many customers ask to buy previous years so they have the whole collection!
Classic Fire Apparatus Calendar
Holy Toledo! Calendar
(formerly Jeep Classics)