GRIP-DRY® Golf Club Tool & ECO Tees

Grip Dry Golf Club Tool GRIP-DRY® is the brain child of Unique Inc. of Shelby Township, Michigan. In the summer of 2007 during an early morning round of golf, the Unique Inc guys were approaching the green with their wedge and putter in hand. Trying to keep the clubs grip off the wet grass by standing up a tee or crossing the clubs, they said…”there must be a better way!”. Being a US manufacturer of plastic parts, they created the GRIP-DRY® Golf Club Tool!
Grip-Dry® is an innovative golf tool that snaps onto the upper shaft of your golf club to keep it away from the wet greens of the golf course. Whether it is morning dew, post rain shower or toxic fertilizers, Grip-Dry® solves the many problems golfers face after teeing off. No more bending over, simply attach onto your club and drop on the green. Then, use your other club to lift back up, it’s that easy! Grip-Dry® fits easily into your back pocket and is very lightweight. It comes in three colors and can be custom imprinted with your company’s name and logo. The Grip-Dry® golf club tool is a perfect promotional gift idea, and serves as a great give-a-way at your next company golf outing. Give Grip-Dry® a try and you won’t go back to your wet slippery grips again!
Grip-Dry® also offers ECO Tees made from recycled and biodegradable materials that naturally decompose in the ground.! A single tee outlasts wood by an average 10 times. The ECO Tees are longer lasting – a single ECO tee outlasts wood by an average of 10 times! The ECO Tees are RRT (Reduce Resistance Technology) tees which allow faster ball speeds.
After field testing and winning runner up of best new golf product of the year in Las Vegas, GRIP-DRY® is the way to keep your grip dry, saving your back from bending over to pick up a club while enjoying a round of golf. GRIP-DRY® is proudly made in Michigan and serves golfers around the World!