BagSavr+ is designed to perfectly fit plastic grocery bags and holds many additional bags!
Ladder Grabber
The Ladder Grabber Ladder Handle has an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to easily and safely carry your ladder.
Macrame Hangers
Macrame Hangers by Shipway Macrame and Beyond
Yard Gecko Lawnmower Storage Tray
Yard Gecko Lawnmower Storage Tray has placements for all the necessary items needed for lawn maintenance while you are mowing your lawn.
The Green Glove Dryer
Thegreenglovedryer is a non-electric, glove, mitten, hat, children’s boots, and accessory/garment dryer that sits directly on a register.
The Loo Hook
The Loo Hook will keep your purse, bag, or jacket close, concealed, and clean of harmful bacteria found on the bathroom floor.
Adhesive Clip Hard Hat Pencil Holder – 3 Pack
Adhesive Clip Hard Hat Pencil Holder with a unique adhesive clip design that can hold a regular pencil, a carpenters’ pencil or even a plumber’s sharpie.
Hat Clip with Golf Ball Marker
The Hat Clip with Golf Ball Marker and Pencil Holder includes a super strong, flush mounted, mini magnet and the 1” epoxy domed, die struck silver edge, golf ball marker.
Hat Clip Pencil Holder
The Hat Clip Pencil Holder attaches to hats, caps, or visors with a unique “Gripping Teeth Feature.”
Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet
The Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet by BundeZe is both a multi-tool and a wallet.
Barnwood Beveled Edge Mirror
This Barnwood Beveled Edge Mirror has meticulously cut 1? x 4? pieces of barnwood that forms an interesting arrangement around a 12 x 12 beveled mirror.
Barnwood Robe Hook Framed in Pine
Beautifully crafted barnwood robe hooks are sure to add rustic sophistication to any bathroom or outside the sauna.
Barnwood Coat Rack Framed in Pine
Old meets new with this beautifully finished Barnwood Coat Rack Framed in Pine. Add a flare of rustic elegance to your wall with this stylish and functional coat rack with 5 hooks.
Petoskey Stone Coat Racks
Petoskey Stone Coat Racks in a variety of styles.
The Slip Clip
Slip Clip – The Perfect Beach Towel and Everything Clip!
The Slip Clip
Slip Clip – The Perfect Beach Towel and Everything Clip!
Zip Fresh Clips Chip Clip
Keep foods fresher longer with Zip Fresh Clips Chip Clip
Zip Fresh Clips Pet Clip
Great for doggie snacks and treats. Quick Seal prevents spills – Saving you money!
Zip Fresh Clips Farm, Home Garden Clip
Heavy-duty, durable for calf, horse feed and cracked corn bags. For all seeds, mulch, fertilizer, feed bags and pet foods.
Kooty Key Germ Free Tool
The Kooty Key with antimicrobial properties is a hands-free, germ-free utility tool used to avoid nasty germs that are on publicly used handles and keypads.

Ladder Grabber Ladder Handle by HandSaver Handles

Ladder Grabber - Ladder Handle
Bill Bachorski, owner of HandSaver Handles LLC of Macon, Michigan invented the Ladder Grabber Ladder Handle in 2012. He received a US patent for on the Ladder Grabber late last year. The Ladder Grabber helps anyone that is burdened with carrying a fiberglass extension ladder or A frame ladder to carry the ladder more safely and easily. The Ladder Grabber has received an explosive positive form a group called “Pro Tool Review”.
The Ladder Grabber is designed with high quality weatherproof materials, and it’s construction is a bit more robust to handle a larger load. It is also made right here in the U.S.A. (Michigan!). The ergonomically designed handle allows you to easily and safely carry your ladder and will provide you with years of use. Stop breaking your back and hurting your hands carrying your ladder the old fashioned way – buy the Ladder Grabber today!
Who needs a Ladder Grabber Ladder Handle?
  • Contractors
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Painters
  • Businesses
  • Home Owners

  • Reviews

    “Why didn’t they think of this sooner?” That’s the headline on a press release talking about the Ladder Grabber from Handsaver Handles, LLC, a Michigan based company. Bill Bachorski, inventor of the Ladder Grabber, contacted me about his product. I was initially a little skeptical, but the idea had a lot of merit. When the Ladder Grabber AFF (A Frame Fiberglass) and Ladder Grabber EXT (Extension) showed up, what they actually grabbed was my attention. What I thought could possibly be a gimmick tool destined for late night infomercials turned out to be an accessory that actually looked pretty well built. Its simple, yet durable stainless steel construction gave me reason to dig deeper. What did I find? Read on, my friends.
    ~ Kenny Koehler – Pro Tool Reviews
    This is one of the best inventions we’ve used for carrying our ladders. Not only does it make carrying them alot easier, it also relieves alot of stress on my back!
    ~ Joe D. – Detroit Area Contractor
    My name is Dick Barker and l am the Director of Fixed Operations for Moran Chevrolet with locations in Clinton Township & Port Huron Michigan. Moran Chevrolet is recognized by G.M. as one of the top two Chevrolet Dealers in Michigan and a top ten Dealer in the Nation for new car sales and quality customer service. We pride ourselves on being a top Chevrolet Dealership because of our great staff and their personal commitment to the highest quality service to our customers. We are always looking for ideas to help our employees in making their jobs safer and more efficient. One of our employees introduced me to a new invention that his son in law had invented. The product is called The Ladder Grabber – Ladder Handle. It makes carrying any heavy fiberglass ladder safer and easier. Our maintenance staff has been using these ladder handles on all of our ladders for months. All of them will not carry a ladder without The Ladder Grabber! l would recommend The Ladder Grabber from Handsaver Handles LLC to everyone that uses a fiberglass ladder both personally and professionally!
    ~ Dick Barker – Director of Fixed Operations