Shoreline Gems Petoskey Stone and Leland Blue Jewelry

Just in time for the holidays, Shoreline Gems presents new Petoskey Stone and Leland Blue jewelry! Leland Blue and Petoskey stones are natural stones and will range in color. The Leland Blue stone is a beautiful by-product of the old Leland Ironworks during the 1800’s. Leland, Michigan is one of the few places on earth where the rich blue slag can be found. The color in Leland Blue stone can range from a dark purple to a light blue, with some variations of green.
Us Michiganders never get tired of our beloved Petoskey stones. Michigan is an actual sea bed blooming with a unique coral that after a million years becomes Michigan’s Petoskey Stone, found only on the shores of Lake Michigan.
These Northern Michigan collectibles are forged by man, colored and shaped by nature. Every stone is hand selected for the best quality and color.