License Plate Art


Design Turnpike creates unique and engaging pieces of art out of recycled vintage license plates. The license plate art is created using recycled license plates found around the country and is mounted on stained boards. Original license plate artwork will complete the look of any space, whether it’s an office, lobby, great room, den or in a vacation cottage. Each piece is unique and created when you place your order – no two license plate artwork are identical!
A piece like the one on the left takes around 100 hours to complete. Pieces like this can cost upwards of $3,500 by some artists. In fact, it was a similar piece that got our artisan started in this hobby, and it listed for around $3,500. Our prices are about half that.
Design Turnpike – the artisan of this license plate art, is among four final nominees to receive the Dearborn, Michigan Innovative Business of the Year Award for 2012.
The artisan is also very interested in making custom-ordered maps of other states. He is also interested in commissioned work. The possibilities are endless… if you would like to discuss a custom project or have questions contact us!
License Plate Art - Large Michigan Map
Large Michigan Map
License Plate Art - Medium Michigan Map
Medium Michigan Map
License Plate Art - Small Michigan Map
Small Michigan Map
License Plate Art - Large USA Map
Large USA Map
License Plate Art - Medium USA Map
Medium USA Map