Grovert Living Wall Planters

The horticulture industry is forever changed with the introduction of Bright Green’s Grovert Living Wall Planter! By graphically arranging a collection of plants in the GroVert vertical planter and mounting them on a vertical surface – designers, architects and the weekend gardener are presented with a whole new world to express their creativity. Bright Green had a desire to bring vertical gardening to the everyday consumer so they developed frame kits with self watering and a catch tray. Thus, “Bringing Life to Art” was born. The Grovert is currently manufactured in 8 different colors. The GroVert Vertical Wall Planters have 10 planting cells, a patented irrigator for watering, a collector for excess water, and each GroVert comes with a decorative frame surround.
The indoor/outdoor Living Planters are a beautiful accent that instantly transform your walls into a living gallery. The planters and kits are designed for both architects and DIY homeowners alike with its ease of use and unique adaptability. Bring your walls to life with the GroVert Living Wall Planter!

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