Mackinac Island Adventures Booklet

Mackinac Island Adventures Booklet is a combination of information that answers many of the everyday questions about visiting and living year round on Mackinac Island. Questions like how do island residents get off the island in the winter, how do people get groceries, is there a school on the island, do the kids get to play sports – to how many horses are on the island and where do those horses go in the winter. Also, added into the Mackinac Island Adventures Booklet is local information, and enough history to help you understand the island and make your Mackinac Island Adventure full of great memories.

This is a more relaxed guide book, from an island resident’s perspective on attractions, adventures off the beaten path, hidden gems and insider tips with a dose of history and culture and a twist of island humor. The full color Mackinac Island Adventures Booklet has many stunning pictures of island life.