Introducing NuMi Revitalizing Mask

NuMi Revitalizing Mask

NuMi Revitalizing Mask

Like a cool breeze off Lake Michigan, NuMi’s ALL NATURAL Michigan Minerals will invigorate your soul and senses. NuMi Revitalizing Mask is an all natural Michigan minerals mask in powder form. The healing powers of these ancient minerals will revitalize your natural youthful glow and radiance. Enjoy the cool, exfoliating, and uplifting properties of the seven best minerals for healthy and vibrant skin. Lab tested effective and pure.
NuMi is an ALL NATURAL skin care product that is hand ground, sifted, and mixed of materials found only in Michigan! The minerals come from Kona Dolomite, Favosite Coral, Petoskey Stone, River Bottom Clay, with a touch of Spearmint. The minerals in these ancient stones are some of the purest forms available, ranging in age from 350,000 million to 2.2 billion years old! NuMi contains 7 of the most important minerals for healthy and vibrant skin! These minerals include:
  • Zinc- Zinc controls the production of the oil in the skin and HELPS control some of the hormones that cause acne!
  • Copper- Copper benefits the skin by helping the production of collagen and elastin, which gives our skin its strength!
  • Selenium- Selenium is a strong Antioxidant that works with copper, helping maintain skin flexibility and elasticity!
  • Magnesium- Magnesium is crucial for healthy skin, hair, and teeth, as well as helping keep the nervous system running smoothly!
  • Calcium- our bodies contain more calcium than ANY other mineral, making up almost 90% of our bone structure. A calcium deficiency causes thin skin, weak and brittle bones, as well as hair loss!
  • Potassium- Potassium is a electrolyte that works with sodium to regulate the amount of water in our cells. A lack of potassium can lead to dry skin and other skin disorders!
  • Silica- Silica is trace mineral that works to strengthen our bodies connective tissues and is a vital component of maintaining healthy skin!
Use NuMi anywhere that you want softer, smoother, and brighter skin. Numi helps with oily skin, shrinkage of pores

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, softens age lines, and softening of the skin.
  • Use on the back of hands for younger healthier looking hands.
  • Use on elbows to remove dry skin and soften elbows.
  • Use on neck and chest for firming skin.
  • Use as a facial to soften age lines.
  • Use to remove excess oil from skin.
  • Use to help with acne.

How NuMi Began

John Studer is the owner, founder, and creator of NuMi. In 2011 he started making six types of Michigan stone beads that fit the popular bracelet brands. He transitioned into making jewelry out of the same Michigan rocks. In the process of grinding the different types of stones, John noticed a difference in how the residue felt on his skin. After researching and experimenting for two years with different mixtures of these stones mixed with some spearmint and river bottom clay, the all natural Michigan Mineral based skin care product NuMi was created. This skin care product leaves most peoples skin softer, smoother, and brighter after just one use! NuMi also helps with age lines, acne, and shrinks pores!