Introducing Oma’s Bath Creations

Oma's Bath Creations

Oma’s Bath Creations for Family and Fido!

Oma’s Bath Creations creates bath and body products for the whole family, including Fido! After several years of suffering with psoriasis, many doctor appointments and numerous expensive medications, Michelle started making soap for herself. It turned out that it did not irritate her skin like manufactured soaps. Michelle was so happy with the results, she began creating her own body butter. Then came the beard oil for men. She didn’t want to leave mans best friend out, so she created dog shampoo and dog refresh spray with neem oil.
Current bath and body products include:
  • Body Butter Plus: a creamy
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    , heavy lotion that is quick absorbing and non-greasy on your skin. PLUS it includes the skin loving Vitamin E oil. Available in Lavender, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, and Unscented
  • Michigan A Step Above Soap: with the Michigan Mitt design embedded in the soap, this is a large chunky 6.5 ounce round bar available in a variety of colors and fragrances.
  • Beard Oil: properly groom and tame your beard with Oma’s Beard Oil that softens and calms fly-away hairs! Along with Vitamin E, the all natural oils help to relieve dryness and itchiness, and moisturizes the skin under your beard.
  • Dog Refresh Spray with Neem Oil: great for in-between bath times! It will freshen your furry friend until their next bath. The blend of Essential Oils and Neem Oil also help aid in repelling insects.
  • Dog Shampoo with Neem Oil: leaves your furry friends coat soft and clean. With lots of creamy lather, the mix of Essential Oils and Neem Oil helps to aid in repelling insects.

Introducing Simply Creative Living

Simply Creative Living Soap

Simply Creative Living Soap

Simply Creative Living, founded on the basic principal that we can go back to the basics of what really matters, creates Naturally Scented Soaps, Essential Oil Scented Soaps, Specialty Fragrance Soaps, and Michigan Theme Soaps. Not so many years ago, people made everything for themselves. As life got busier, people did not have the time for such things, so the assembly and production lines began. The quality of ingredients in our beauty products was compromised with chemicals and toxins that do our skin and body harm.
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, Karen became increasingly concerned about all these toxins in her own life and decided to do what she could to reduce what was being absorbed into her body. She started experimenting with home-made, more natural beauty items. Many of the herbs used in these products come from her own garden. While talking with friends, Karen found that she was not alone in her concerns, so she started to share her products with them. And now Simply Creative Living would like to share them with you.
Living ‘Simply’ is living with more natural ingredients in your life. Our bodies were not designed to absorb all these chemicals and the Simply Creative Living beauty line seeks to bring us back to the basics. Living ‘Creative’ means not accepting what is easily accessible, but rather seeking out those products and that lifestyle that benefits us in the long run. Finally, ‘Living’ means enjoying the world and people around you. Slowing down to enjoy the beauty that has been placed before you. Living a Simply, Creative, Life.
Naturally Scented Soap – Vegan Sweet Grass. Great for those who have very sensitive skin or don’t want any scent added.
Essential Oil Scented Soap – White Sage. Good for most skin types.
Fragrance Soaps – Starry Night, Michigan Wonderland, and Great Lakes. Great for most skin types.
Michigan Theme Soaps: Michigan Wonderland and Great Lakes