Introducing the Microwave Bowl Cozy by Sheryl’s Crafty Creations

Microwave Bowl Holder Cozy

Microwave Bowl Holder Cozy by Sheryl’s Crafty Creations

Sheryl is a home-crafter that has a lot of fun crafting useful items for sale. The Microwave Bowl Holder (aka Cozy) is very useful in the kitchen when heating food in the microwave. Simply put the entire bowl filled with food in the bowl holder. Put it into the microwave and when done you won’t burn your hands on a hot dish again! No need to grab a towel, a messy hot pad or oven glove. Simply grab it’s “ears” and lift out as one piece. They are also great for that cold bowl of ice cream in front of the TV! No more cold hands! Cereal anyone? Your bowl holder is a convenient cradle for that bowl too! There’s even a size for that plate of hot food heated up in the microwave.
The cozies are made with 100% cotton materials so they are microwave safe! These reversible microwave cozies have a variety of fun, cute, themed fabrics to choose from. The Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Michigan State, and Michigan Microwave Bowl Holders are perfect for game day! They are available in three sizes and plate size too so grab a set in all three sizes!
  • 10 inch cozy fits standard 6 inch bowl
  • 12 inch cozy fits standard 8 inch bowl
  • 15 inch cozy fits standard 11 inch bowl
The Microwave Bowl Holders make great gifts – especially a housewarming gift! They can also be used as a decorative bowl on a bathroom counter to keep items such as hair ties, bobby pins, and ribbons to keep things neat and tidy. Insert a round plastic dish in the bottom and they can be used to hold your household plants! The uses are endless! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without a Microwave Bowl Holder Cozy!
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