Men’s Bath & Body Products

Clove Shave Oil

Clove Shave Oil is proven to protect the skin, prevent razor bumps, and leaves your skin feeling great.

Foot Repair Crème

This Crème will quickly eliminate rough, cracked skin. A cooling and deodorizing blend of natural extracts with Tea Tree oil will leave your feet energized and refreshed.

Whipped Shea Body Butter has a creamy smooth feeling upon the skin as well as natural healing power. In Men’s Signature or Imitation fragrances.
Bee Fresh Organic Deodorant is 100% organic and natural in scented or unscented.
26 unique scents create this delicate but powerful fragrance that grabs everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.
Acne Eraser
Acne Eraser blend was made with ease of use in mind. The blend of essential oils chosen will support good skin health and also help eliminate acne.
Intensive Hand Crème
Hydrate and soothe dry hands with all natural Intensive Hand Crème. Leaves your hands feeling nourished and satisfied.
Roll-on Organic Aromatherapy

Roll-on Organic Aromatherapy blends are made with organic therapeutic grade essential oils to help aid digestion, arthritis, back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, headache, anxiety, skin disorder, sinus, meditation, and more.

Original Shave Butter and Shave Oil is sure to deliver the highest quality experience every time you shave giving you an extremely close and comfortable shave.
Every coffee lover’s favorite, coffee butter is high in phytosterols, which promotes excellent moisture retention and quick penetration. A great Lip Balm for men and women.
Aromatherapy Shower Tabs
When you don’t have time to relax in a hot bath, start your day off right with these invigorating Shower Tabs! Made with essential oils that will help bring much relief.
10 Point Buck Glycerin Soap

The king of the forest captured in beautiful sparking shades of brown. Available in All Night Long or Dark & Dangerous fragrances

Rev up the suds! This black motorcycle on white base is available in the “All Night Long” fragrance.
Pachy Organic Deodorant
Pachy Organic Deodorant for men in Rough Rivers fragrance has a bergamot scent. This effective odor-fighting deodorant is created with made-in-nature, organic and vegan ingredients.
Essential Oil Cologne

Made of pure essential oils and premium grade fragrance oils mixed with 100% Bulgarian Rose Water and vegetable glycerin. No alcohol!

The Sister Bees Worker Bee Moisturizer for Men is a wonderful, smooth moisturizer with a rugged scent.
Shave and a Haircut Soap is a clean, sharp masculine scent with hints of aromatic spices and orange zest.
Beard Oil is highly nourishing and will leave the beard soft and healthy.
Sports and Fitness Soap isn’t just for athletes! It makes a great all purpose soap and has a wonderful uplifting scent!
Sister Bees All Natural Bee’s Beard Balm provides great moisture for your beard and gives it a slight hold.

Rustic MAKA – Maker of Pachy Natural Deodorant

Rustic MAKA is a sister-owned personal care products company in White Lake, Michigan, driven by a philosophy “less is more.” Dedicated to work towards reclaiming your well-being, they embrace simplicity and offer highest quality products that go beyond today’s standards of natural, through the use of exceptional ingredients, sustainable applications and no animal testing. Both being mothers, it is their mission to find healthy alternatives for our bodies and our homes without any toxic chemicals. Hence their motto Pure. Simple. Organic.
Pachy (pronounced ‘Pahyi) fulfilled their journey for a simple, clean and natural deodorant. “Pachy” (armpits in Polish!), is an effective odor-fighting deodorant free of any toxic chemicals in a convenient twist up stick. Pachy Natural Deodorant offers unbeatable odor-protection utilizing food-grade ingredients such as certified organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Arrowroot powder and pure Baking Soda. It comes in five scents including Naughty Butter, Sweet Lemonade, Wild Meadows, Calming Fields and Rough Rivers. Rustic MAKA uses only therapeutic grade essential oils for scenting the Pachy deodorants, which makes them perfume and synthetic fragrance-free. Pachy are made in small batches with plant-based ingredients, like wildcrafted Candelilla Wax instead of beeswax, so they are a perfect choice for vegans. Pachy Natural Deodorant is handcrafted without parabens, aluminum, triclosan, propylene-glycol, preservatives, GMO, gluten, corn or soy by-products. No fillers, no junk. No animal testing. Simple ingredients transformed into effective and good-for-the-body products that actually work!
Rustik Maka Organic Deodorant


My wife and I started really focusing on using more natural products last year and deodorant has always been a challenge for her since as a teacher she is always up being active in front of people. After two failed trials of other natural deodorant we purchased locally I bought some of the Rustic Maka deodorant online and she loves it! ~Kyle Kranz
When I first learned of all the dangers of the chemicals in my body care products, I began switching things. I tried several so-called natural deodorants and none of them worked so I figured I’d have to ‘risk it’ with the chemicals. Not so now! I love, love, love the Pachy deodorant. Thank you! ~Caryn Staebler
My husband and I started using the deodorant and love it! I’m using the Sweet Lemonade and he’s using the Rough Rivers. My husband is a firefighter and sweats A LOT! It’s strong enough to keep him going through his 24 hours. And I LOVE the smell of the Sweet Lemonade! Couldn’t be happier! Thanks for making this product. ~Bernice Provost
Pregnancy has turned up my internal thermostat and I can’t stop sweating. Before I tried your deodorant, I was applying a natural deodorant 2-3/daily and still had body odor. I found myself wearing certain clothing just to mask it. I finally ordered your Lemonade stick and have found myself doing the smell test throughout the day. It has worked since the moment I put it on! Thank you for creating a product that finally does its job! ~Michelle Klimek
I have been trying to find a deodorant that worked since i started middle school and im now 27. Ive tried everything from normal to clinical strength to considering botox. I found this product and literally am in live. I can go all day and it works!!! I can even wear tank tops now!!! Thank you so much for this amazing product. I’m a customer for life now. ~Tonya Davidge
This is a truly natural deodorant and the most important thing, IT WORKS! At my job, I am constantly on the move so it’s important to use something that will provide an all day odor protection. There is no need for re-application. I love it cause there are absolutely no toxic chemicals in it. No Aluminium, Parabens or even Propylene Glycol. It smells wonderful too, and my favorite is Wild Meadows. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. ~Anna Toffi

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