Plasma Cut Fire Pit Rings

Made In Michigan
These 14 gauge steel Fire Pit Rings are a great center piece for any fire pit area and make a good conversational piece while sitting around a bonfire. The plasma-cut wildlife silhouettes provide a beautiful glow and ambiance with the cut-outs glowing red in the evening sky and reflecting on the ground. The cut-outs also create a nice air vent for the fire to burn hot and radiate a lot of warmth.
The fire pit rings are designed to sit right on the ground (there is no bottom) and is perfect for campfires. The sides are 12 inches in height, and feature plasma-cut silhouettes. Use it at the camp site, on the beach, or at your summer cabin. There is nothing better than relaxing with family and friends around a warm fire. The easy to assemble system allows for convenient handling and moving to your next destination. Painted black with high heat resistant paint. Do not leave fire unattended.
Fire Pit Rings are available in 4 sizes in your choice of Deer, Bear, Elk, Moose, or custom designs
  • 24″ 14 gauge steel, 12″ tall, 2 piece system
  • 30″ 14 gauge steel, 12″ tall, 2 piece system
  • 36″ 14 gauge steel, 12″ tall, 3 piece system
  • 48″ 14 gauge steel, 12″ tall, 4 piece system
  • 60″ 14 gauge steel, 12″ tall, 4 piece system
  • Custom
  • Custom Order

    Custom design suggestions: family name, favorite car, favorite sport, team name, mascot, other wildlife. Custom orders will ship approximately 1 week after the order is received.