Show ’em Where You’re From with Michigan Mittens!

Michigan Mittens Show ’em where you’re from! The Michigan Mittens are back in stock with a new look! Still proudly made in Michigan and feature maps of Michigan on each palm. Now you can celebrate the “Mitten State” with your very own Michigan Map Mittens!
If you live in Michigan, you will enjoy these original, warm and cozy, double knitted Michigan Mittens that feature a map of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on one hand and the Lower Peninsula on the other. Us Michiganders are known to use our hands to point to where we are from. Now everyone can have a “map on hand” with Michigan Mittens! Promise to keep you warm AND help you find your way back home! Michigan Mittens make a great souvenir or gift from the Great Lakes State!
Michigan Mittens are available in these colors:
  • Great Lake Blue
  • Wildflower Pink
  • Rustic Red
  • Fog Grey
  • Charcoal
  • Michigan Grayling
  • Tart Cherry Red
  • You Chive Me Crazy
  • Go Green
  • Go Blue
  • Olive You Michigan
  • Black Bear