Scarves of Westwood

Scarves of Westwood are unique scarves that are handmade by two sisters, Nan Begola & Susie McCusker of Michigan, with several different non-wool yarns, ribbons, textures, beads and just the right amount of “bling”. The sisters found their passion hand-making beautiful yarn scarves. They pride themselves in using over 90% of materials that are made in America. Wear your Westwood Scarf over a coat, with a sweater or paired with a clean crisp blouse with coordinating jewelry to finish your look. Westwood Scarves can be worn year round and are available in a variety of colors to complement each skin tone and eye color. No two scarves are the same so you will never see another scarf like yours!
Amherst Scarves of Westwood
Amherst Collection

Purple Base Color with Fabulous Accents
Arlington Scarves of Westwood
Arlington Collection

Bold Animal Prints with a Classic Flair
Biltmore Scarves of Westwood
Biltmore Collection

Vintage Inspired Lush Scarves in Neutral
Brentwood Scarves of Westwood
Brentwood Collection

Brown Base with Warm Accent Colors
Classico Scarves of Westwood
Classico Collection

Menswear Plaid and Classic Fabrics
Collegiate/Team Scarves of Westwood
Collegiate/Team Collection

College Spirit in a Fun New Way
Monticello Scarves of Westwood
Monticello Collection

Jewel Tones that Specialize in Certain Families
Somerset Scarves of Westwood
Somerset Collection

Black Base with Bright and Clear Color
Stollman Scarves of Westwood
Stollman Collection

Pink or Grey Base with Cool Color
Trendsetter Scarves of Westwood
Trendsetter Collection

Fashion Forward in an Array of Colors