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ScentSation Premium Candles

ScentSation Soy and Coconut Wax Candles

ScentSation Candles are highly scented candles combined of coconut wax and soy wax creating a highly scented, slow-burning, candle! Coconut and soy candles are not your average candle. Candles made with coconut wax are the ultimate slow burning candle.
Coconut wax is made through a cold-pressed process from the meat of the coconut. This type of wax has many benefits. One of the many is it holds a higher fragrance volume than other natural waxes. However, coconut wax is very soft (similar to coconut oil at room temp). In ScentSation candle making process, both coconut and soy wax are combined to allow for more fragrance oil than just a soy candle, but to give the candles body or firmness. If only coconut wax was used, it wouldn’t hold its shape. Soy wax has a lower fragrance load than coconut oil. This fierce combination of coconut and soy wax is used because coconut wax is known to have a high fragrance load

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, but it is very soft (again similar to coconut oil) so it’s combined with soy wax to give the candle body.
Every Coconut and Soy candle is hand poured in Charlotte, Michigan using a creamy fusion of coconut and soy wax that’s blended in house. The unique fragrances including Blueberry Bliss, Luminous Lilac, Strawberry Sublime, Vanilla Vice, Frankincense Phantasia, Lavender Starlight, and Legendary LemonBerry have an amazing scent throw. The 9 ounce candles have an approximate burn time of nearly 80 hours. These premium candles with a combination of coconut wax and soy wax are highly scented, slow burning candles that everyone enjoys!