Introducing Aromatherapy Sea Glass Jewelry by BOHO Jewelry Chic

Sea Glass Jewelry by BOHO Jewelry Chic

Aromatherapy Sea Glass Jewelry

With the growing popularity of essential oils, we are happy to introduce this Aromatherapy Sea Glass Jewelry by BOHO Jewelry Chic with a focus on non-metal jewelry. Available in an array of colors associated with mystery like that of a mermaid, the beautiful Sea Glass Jewelry is also aromatherapy. Each piece is adorned with a white pumice stone lava rock turned bead that was formed from an erupted volcano. Due to its porous nature, this style of lava bead has widely grown into a popular aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils to enhance mood. For this benefit, just add one or two drops of essential oil onto the lava bead. Let dry before putting on so that no irritations develop on the skin.
The stunning Sea Glass is man-made cultured of recycled glass material. This is a time consuming design process while handmade into matte glass to mimic the natural beauty of sea glass that naturally occurs over time, sand and the sea. The typical process in time for mother earth to produce a naturally smooth piece of glass after it has broken in the sea can take 7-10 years for smoothness to take affect.
Each Sea Glass piece is corded on eco-friendly 100% hemp. Hemp twine is UV resistant, antibacterial, and is the strongest of all natural fibers. Hemp fibers do not deteriorate in salt water which means our hemp twine is safe for salt water. There are a growing number of people with random allergies including certain metals that is on the rise. As well as people on the organic, nontoxic lifestyle path consciously making a decision of not only what they put inside their body, but what they also put on it.
Imagine a light breeze blowing through the hair. The sound of crashing waves of the sea shore while walking barefoot as sand sneaks between the toes. A place where you can find some amazing treasures of mother earth. In some parts of the world you can actually find glass parts that were naturally tumbled by the currents of the waters and magically washed upon the shore in different colors and shapes. Maybe they were remnant from a message in a bottle that someone wanted to send ashore and didn’t quite make it in tact or maybe a sailor that threw his bottle overboard in which it broke as it hit the bottom of the seabed. And so after many years of being swished around in the waters of the sea it is finally washed ashore.

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