Introducing Peppermill Candle Co & Skin Care

Peppermill Candle Co & Skin Care
Peppermill Candle Co & Skin Care

Each soy candle is hand-mixed to create unique, nostalgic, and evocative fragrances you absolutely won’t find anywhere else. Peppermill Candle Co uses double the amount of fragrance that most suppliers use to create a strong and delightful, but not overwhelming, scent all through your home.

Shannon, owner of Peppermill Candle Co, believes if you’re paying for a candle, you deserve something memorable, well-made, and long-lasting!

The candles are 100% high-quality soy wax and each is hand-poured (with love, and a little attitude) in Hartford, Michigan. Peppermill has expanded to include a wide variety of natural skin care. Born out of a desire to soothe her own problematic skin in an affordable, natural way, Peppermill now includes items like skin serums, face masks, and sugar scrubs, as well as all natural lash and brow serum. Shannon is a self proclaimed perfectionist and combines her huge interest in creating and her drive to make the best items possible in Peppermill.

Shannon was asked “What makes your product unique or attractive to our customers?” Shannon’s response: Unlike most scent makers who simply buy distributor fragrances and market them under their own brand

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, I painstakingly mix and test all my scents and formulas to ensure exceptional hot and cold throw, and to be confident they are different scents than you will find anywhere else. My skin care items are not just “natural” as a buzzword for sales – I do everything I can to ensure my products are as natural as possible (with some very minor exceptions for safety and preservation purposes) and I strive to use as many Michigan-based ingredients as possible.