Refuge for the Renegade Therapeutic Products

Refuge for the Renegade Therapeutic Products

Refuge for the Renegade Therapeutic Products

Refuge for the Renegade therapeutic products integrate holistic and alternative therapies to promote optimal health. Holistic Healthcare products include a unique blend of Elderberries and Arnica Therapeutic Liniment Oil that helps those sore muscles and also provides daily relief from joint pain, sore muscles, inflammation, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Refuge for the Renegade’s signature Therapeutic Organic Shea Butter Lotion is infused with a super concentration of Elderberries and Arnica oil to provide super strength for super sore muscles and joint pain. Relax and rest your eyes on the Flaxseed Eye Pillows made with natural flannel cotton and filled with organic flaxseeds.
Health Benefits of Elderberries
When elderflowers are used for their many skin care benefits they work to lift dirt and oils from your pores, even the skin tone, improve the complexion, heal bruises and burns, balance out any excess oils, and stop break outs. Elderflower infused cream and oils can even be used to reduce inflammation, and it is believed that they can even fade freckles!

Antioxidant Content

Elder contains vitamin C, which is important for the health of your skin, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments. It also contains a flavonoid called quercetin, a powerful antioxidant.

Health Benefits of Elderflower

Elderflower has been used in traditional medicine all over the world in many different cultures due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Topically, elderflower might help reduce pain and swelling in joints due to some forms of arthritis and is used to stop bleeding.

Active Ingredients in Elderflower

Elderflower is rich in bioflavonoids, mostly flavones and flavonols, that are most commonly known for their antioxidant. anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The most abundant flavonols in elderflower are quercetin, isoquercitrin and anthocyanins, which have antiviral properties as well. Triterpenoids, especially ?-amyrin, erythrodiol, and oleanolic acid, are also found in elderflower. These triterpenoids offer a variety of health benefits including analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer effects. References:
Health Benefits of Arnica
Pain management isn’t easy. For many people dealing with pain, the side effects of prescription painkillers can make this option less appealing. There’s also the very real fear of getting “hooked” on the drugs. One potential alternative is homeopathic medicine, which, while low on scientific evidence, has been in use for centuries. Arnica is one such example, and has been popular for centuries. Arnica comes from the perennial Arnica montana, a yellow-orangish flower that grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia. It’s sometimes called the “mountain daisy,” because its color and petals look like the daisy. Creams and ointments made from the flower head can be used to treat muscle soreness and aches, bruising, joint pain and swelling, and inflammation.

Bruising and Surgery

One of the common uses of arnica is to treat bruises, so it’s popular among people who have recently undergone surgery, especially plastic surgery. Although scientific research is inconclusive on the matter, topical creams and oils are said to help with pain and bruising of the skin. One study on people who underwent a rhytidectomy — a plastic surgery to reduce wrinkles — showed that homeopathic arnica can significantly boost healing. References:

Skin Care Products

True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner
True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner helps dry chapped hands, rough cracked heels, sunburn and chronic dryness. Colloidal silver is also used for rosacea, cradle cap (atopic dermatitis), eczema, impetigo, and psoriasis.
Shea Butter Lotion
Available in Coconut Lime, Frozen Margarita, Fruity Cereal, Lavender
Organic Bee Soft Body Butter
Not only prevents and minimizes stretch marks, it heals severely dry skin, cracked heels, fade scars, razor burn, blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles.
Slimming Body Butter
Essential oils stimulate blood circulation to tone and tighten those unsightly dimpled areas.
Sea Salt Scrub
Available in Brown Sugar and Vanilla, Coconut Lime, Lavender, Michigan Cherry, Orange Grapefruit and Pearberry fragrances.
Shea Butter Blends
Shea Butter Blends are made from African Shea Butter. Shea Butter is a well known, all-natural moisturizer.
Shave Kit
Shave Butter and Oil will awaken and renew your face while giving you an extremely close and comfortable shave.
Silky Hand and Body Lotion
With Shea Butter, this Silky Hand and Body Lotion is very softening and soothing to skin.
Acne Eraser
The blend of essential oils chosen will support good skin health and also help eliminate acne.
Organic Baby Butter
This butter has a rich natural aroma of chocolate. There are no artificial scents added.
Organic Therapeutic Shea Butter Lotion
Infused with a super concentration of Elderberries and Arnica oil for Psoriasis, Eczema, sore muscles, joint pain, bruising and inflammation.
Foot Crème
You will think you have new feet after using this Foot Crème for just a few days. Contains hydrating ingredients, this Crème will quickly eliminate rough, cracked skin.
All Natural Body Lotion
Keep good skin integrity with all natural body lotion. The silky smooth fragrances of Coconut Cream and Macintosh Apple come with organic compounds.
Vanilla Body Butter
A super-rich, creamy body butter that is a feast for the skin. It melts straight into the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
Bug Be Gone
Pure Organic Essential Oil Blends repel mosquito’s and other biting insects. Made with peppermint, lavender & lemongrass.
All Natural Toner
This refreshing toner clears away impurities and gently removes any particles that might have stayed behind after cleansing. No toxins or chemicals.
Simply Amazing Face Cream
Diminishes wrinkles and combats aging with the natural occurring anti-oxidants while it nourishes and hydrates the skin. No toxins or chemicals.
Shave Oil
Formulated in search of a better oil for shaving, this pre-shave oil softens the beard and prepares the face to be shaved.
Organic Bee Beautiful Face Cream
100% Organic Bee Beautiful Whipped Face Cream is high in antioxidants which helps fight free radicals that prematurely age the skin.
Honey Sugar Scrub
High in antioxidants, Honey Sugar Scrub helps exfoliate and remove dead skin from the face and body, as well as heal severely dry skin.
Shea Souffle
Shea Souffle is whipped Shea body butter made with pure unrefined Shea butter, lavender and vitamin E for soft smooth healthy skin.
Intensive Hand Crème
100% pure vegan hand creme is hydrating and nourishing, packed full of anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins and other skin beneficial nutrients.
Elderberries and Arnica Therapeutic Liniment Oil
A unique blend of elderberries, elderberry flowers and arnica with grape seed oil base that will help those sore muscles all day long.
Rose Water Hydrosol Toner
This organic rose water toner is great toner to hydrate your skin and also to lift your spirits.
Luxurious Body Crème
Your skin is supplied with everything it needs to support a healthy balance with this Luxurious Body Crème that hydrates and soothes dry skin.
Whipped Shea Body Butter
100% Pure Whipped Shea Body Butter has a creamy smooth feeling on the skin as well as natural healing power. Create your own fragrance!
All Natural Worker Bee Moisturizer for Men
Sister Bees Worker Bee Moisturizer for Men is great for a man’s dry overworked hands and feet.
Salve My Itches
Salve My Itches is a wonderful salve to help with many different ailments.
Salve My Problems
Salve My Problems with Calendula is a healing salve that helps with rashes.
Deluxe Body Butter
All natural body butter is so smooth and creamy it will leave your skin feeling great! In Patchouli, Lilac, Lavender, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Oatmeal Milk & Honey.
Luxurious Lotion
Formulated to feed your skin, this Luxurious Lotion soaks in instantly, leaving your skin feeling nourished and satisfied.
Solid Lotion Bar
This Solid Lotion Bar is a solid lotion that is purse or pocket friendly – no spills, no mess! Available in Vanilla, Michigan Cherry and Pearberry scents.
Foxxy Organic Body Butter
This delicious whipped body butter is a luxurious way to treat your skin!
Sugar Scrub & Butter
Available in Lemon Dance, Lavender Vanilla, Strawberry & Cream, Chocolate, Margarita, Champagne, Tropical Vacation, Blueberry, Berries and Bloom.
All Natural Bee Butter
Sister Bees Bee Butter is not only smooth going on but leaves your skin feeling nourished and refreshed without being greasy.