Woody PuttersWoody Putters are located in Dearborn, Michigan where they design and manufacturer exotic hardwood putters. Each putter is produced with the utmost attention to quality and detail. The “Woody” is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, technically engineered and precisely manufactured and our craftsmanship is superb. The revolutionary uni-bar technology used in the crafting of every Woody Putter stabilizes the club head to produce a true-rolling shot. Each putter has great balance and weight distribution at the exact points a putter head needs. This technology also gives your “Woody” maximum ball control at the alignment point. The sealers and finishes are all hand applied by artisans that take pride in their craft, resulting in a rich clean finish that feels as good as it looks.
The mission of Woody Putters is to provide customers with the best wooden head putter on the market. The “Woody Putter” is very competitively priced and has intrinsic value in the design, in the technology, in the manufacturing process and on the golf course. Everyone knows that good play on the green is where you can make or break your score for that hole. With your beautiful Woody Putter, you can make a perfect putt every time! Built with sure-stroke, uni-bar technology, Woody Putters feature easy-to-see alignment stripes, so you can correctly align to your golf target each and every time. Get a “Woody” for yourself, your spouse, your children or another family member or buy one for a friend or for promotional gifts for your company. Everybody will love their “Woody Putter.”
Wood Putters Artisan Crafted