Blowing Glass Epiphany Glass Studio is owned by Michigan glass artist April Wagner. The epiphany studio is a state-of-the-art facility amongst a handful of glass blowing studios worldwide that allows the artist to create small to large scale multidimensional commission piece for individual or corporate collections as well as for galleries and their clientele. The studio was designed to push the limits of the artist and the medium of glass itself. Using a medium that is extremely difficult to master April has successfully combined her passion for art into a lifelong pursuit.
April is intrigued by the process of blowing glass into linear and organic shapes. Then she plays with them in space. By turning, twisting, or repeating the shapes she investigates their relationship to the floor, wall, or tabletop. In creating multiples and assembling the shapes together, almost like found objects, she creates large scale pieces. She uses color to push and pull the eye around or up and down the piece. April’s intention is to create objects that are captivating to look at in their environment.
The hand blown glass heart shape paperweights are made by the talented artisans of Epiphany Glass Studio. These beautiful fine glass paperweights are widely collected and appreciated as great works of art.