Introducing Oma’s Bath Creations

Oma's Bath Creations

Oma’s Bath Creations for Family and Fido!

Oma’s Bath Creations creates bath and body products for the whole family, including Fido! After several years of suffering with psoriasis, many doctor appointments and numerous expensive medications, Michelle started making soap for herself. It turned out that it did not irritate her skin like manufactured soaps. Michelle was so happy with the results, she began creating her own body butter. Then came the beard oil for men. She didn’t want to leave mans best friend out, so she created dog shampoo and dog refresh spray with neem oil.
Current bath and body products include:
  • Body Butter Plus: a creamy
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    , heavy lotion that is quick absorbing and non-greasy on your skin. PLUS it includes the skin loving Vitamin E oil. Available in Lavender, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, and Unscented
  • Michigan A Step Above Soap: with the Michigan Mitt design embedded in the soap, this is a large chunky 6.5 ounce round bar available in a variety of colors and fragrances.
  • Beard Oil: properly groom and tame your beard with Oma’s Beard Oil that softens and calms fly-away hairs! Along with Vitamin E, the all natural oils help to relieve dryness and itchiness, and moisturizes the skin under your beard.
  • Dog Refresh Spray with Neem Oil: great for in-between bath times! It will freshen your furry friend until their next bath. The blend of Essential Oils and Neem Oil also help aid in repelling insects.
  • Dog Shampoo with Neem Oil: leaves your furry friends coat soft and clean. With lots of creamy lather, the mix of Essential Oils and Neem Oil helps to aid in repelling insects.

Introducing ScentSation Candles

ScentSation Premium Candles

ScentSation Soy and Coconut Wax Candles

ScentSation Candles are highly scented candles combined of coconut wax and soy wax creating a highly scented, slow-burning, candle! Coconut and soy candles are not your average candle. Candles made with coconut wax are the ultimate slow burning candle.
Coconut wax is made through a cold-pressed process from the meat of the coconut. This type of wax has many benefits. One of the many is it holds a higher fragrance volume than other natural waxes. However, coconut wax is very soft (similar to coconut oil at room temp). In ScentSation candle making process, both coconut and soy wax are combined to allow for more fragrance oil than just a soy candle, but to give the candles body or firmness. If only coconut wax was used, it wouldn’t hold its shape. Soy wax has a lower fragrance load than coconut oil. This fierce combination of coconut and soy wax is used because coconut wax is known to have a high fragrance load

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, but it is very soft (again similar to coconut oil) so it’s combined with soy wax to give the candle body.
Every Coconut and Soy candle is hand poured in Charlotte, Michigan using a creamy fusion of coconut and soy wax that’s blended in house. The unique fragrances including Blueberry Bliss, Luminous Lilac, Strawberry Sublime, Vanilla Vice, Frankincense Phantasia, Lavender Starlight, and Legendary LemonBerry have an amazing scent throw. The 9 ounce candles have an approximate burn time of nearly 80 hours. These premium candles with a combination of coconut wax and soy wax are highly scented, slow burning candles that everyone enjoys!

Introducing After All This Time

After All This Time

After All This Time Michigan Themed Products

After All This Time is a farmhouse chic boutique in Sault Ste, Marie, Michigan that puts a lot of emphasis on quality and care with everything they offer.
After All This Time is a Christian based business started by Rebecca Fegan. It all started with her blogs and eventually branched out into a baby line of Michigan theme swaddles and jewelry. But she didn’t stop there. In July of 2018 she opened a store in Downtown Sault Ste. Marie which offers not only her baby line but also the Original Made with Love from God’s Country design which was created by Rebecca herself
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, as well as several other Michigan made and Michigan themed products. She is proud to be a faith based woman who is always embracing, empowering, and inspiring those around her to be the best version of themselves and has brought this into her business as well. After All This Time leaves you feeling refreshed, lightened, and inspired and the products remind you of that feeling when you are wearing them.

Introducing MI Northern View

MI Northern View Bird Feeder, Hummingbird Feeder, Wind Chime

MI Northern View Bird Feeder, Hummingbird Feeder, Wind Chime

Located in Gaylord Michigan, MI Northern View creates handcrafted glass bottle Bird Feeders, Hummingbird Feeders, and Wind Chimes. These outdoor glass items are unique and beautiful with intricate hand-painted detail. The glass feeders hold up in the harsh Northern Michigan winter and even the most aggressive dining guests! The glass feeders look fresh and beautiful all year round.
The glass bottle feeders and wind chimes are embellished with colored wire and charms. Although designs are similar, no two are exactly alike. Each glass feeder or wind chime is hand-painted, making each one slightly unique. They are painted to order using enamel glass paint and air dried for 24 hours, then heat set. Hand-painted items should be hand washed with a soft cloth to preserve the illustrations. They make great gifts and may be personalized with names and/or dates. If your purchase is a gift, the artisan is happy to include a gift card with your personal message.

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Introducing Owl Eye Coffee Roasters

Owl Eye Coffee Roasters

Owl Eye Coffee Roasters

Located in Cadillac Michigan, Owl Eye Coffee Roasters is your source for a higher standard of coffee. Only 100% Arabia coffee beans are used in their roasting process. Coffee has more to offer than unique taste and stimulating health benefits. Whether its thousands of feet up the mountain or at sea level, each farm has a story of how and where it started to where its fruit ends. Coffee endures a journey and finally connects the world globally with all walks of life. Owl Eye Coffee Roasters mission is to be your source for a higher standard of freshly roasted coffee. When a coffee is labeled 100% Arabica, you know it contains only the best coffee beans!
From the age of 13 Aaron has always wanted to own a coffee business. His experience in 7 different cafes paved a foundation into the industry through which his passion grew. While working for a coffee company in Dhaka, Bangladesh he began to master the art of roasting coupled with endless coffee cupping sessions. Over the span of 5 years as an expat, Adam maintained a direct role in wholesale distribution
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, supervision of multi cafes, marketing, barista training, and more. After receiving mechanical maintenance training from Simonelli USA, he now continues to pursue what he loves to do.

Owl Eye Coffee Roasters offer several roasts and blends in four different size packages, including:
  • Bali Kintamani (Dark roast)
  • Brazil Serra Negra (Medium roast, chocolatey, sweet/semi nutty)
  • Columbia Huila (Medium roast)
  • Owl Eye Opaque Blend (French roast, dark smoky)
  • Espresso Radix Blend (Diversity! Great for day-to-day coffee, not just espresso shots)
Bali Kintamani Roast: Bali Kintamani is a medium dark roast with 100% Arabica Specialty Grade Coffee with notes of apricot, tangy, earthy body, clean citric. Direct Sourcing which gives farmers a fairer and sustainable living. The highland plateau of Kintamani, between the volcanoes of Batukaru and Agung, is the main coffee growing area. Generally, Balinese coffee is carefully processed under tight control, using the wet method. This results in a sweet, soft coffee with good consistency. Typically flavors include lemon and other citrus notes. The parchment is sourced from Gunung (Mountain) Batur and Gunung Bau (meaning smelly mountain). Gunung Batur is an active volcano in the Kintamani region which last erupted in 2000.
Brazil Serra Negra Sundried Natural Roast: Coffee notes are mild and clean with citric acidity; dark chocolate, cocoa and almond flavors. Serra Negra, or “black mountain” is a Brazilian profile that captures the most classic profile from Minas Gerais, the growing region that includes Carmo de Minas.
Columbia Huila Roast: Coffee notes are sweet and savory with tart citric acidity and a thick mouthfeel; almond, dark chocolate and raisin flavor with a buttermilk aftertaste. Colombian coffee is among the most recognizable and most dynamic in the world, with multiple growing regions whose distinct yet consistently crowd-pleasing profiles reflect the various microclimates that exist in this large country.
Owl Eye Opaque Blend: A diverse blend that is both smooth and bold. It is sweet yet rich to be made with cream. A great cafe espresso and brews equally great in a drip machine.
Espresso Radix Blend: A smoky and bold blend but with a sweet finish. This is made with the Bali and Congo beans which hold well at high temps. This does not finish bitter or ashy like some french roasts.

Introducing Ascentcare Dental Products

Hands Free Dental Products

Hands Free Dental Products

Ascentcare Dental Products focuses on the development of dental technologies that span a diverse set of applications. The engineering, designing, and manufacturing professionals are dedicated to creating and fostering innovative dental solutions and advanced technologies.
Ascentcare Dental Products collaborates with the dental community to focus on the development of innovative dental technologies that span a diverse set of applications. They understand dental professionals and their demand for quality products and treatment for patients in the most effective way possible with state of the art equipment. Some of the better known products include the Bite Buddy mouth prop system, the HyperLUX Light Engine, the Radical Reflector illuminated mouth mirror, and the fiber optic Titan Transilluminator.
Bite Buddy Mouth Prop System: Years of research, engineering and development with dentists and hygienists in mind have led to the creation of this Mouth Prop System. Easily interchange the numerous mouth prop attachments needed for the various procedures in your dental office. Bite Buddy Mouth Prop System Features:
  • Expandable. Simply use the Bite Buddy as a stand-alone dental mouth prop. Upgrade with accessory attachments at any time.
  • Adaptable. Interchangeable mouth prop accessory instruments can be applied to assist with dental procedures.
  • Unobstructed. Total visual and physical access to the work area with all Bite Buddy accessory instruments.
  • Innovative. Our exclusive mounting rail and magnetic coupling system allow for simple and quick mount and dismount of mouth prop accessory instruments while positioned in the patient’s mouth.
  • Sterilization. The Bite Buddy system was designed, engineered and made to withstand repeated sterilization and reuse using industry standard methods.
  • Illuminated. The Bite Light and the Lighted Saliva Sidekick transform the Bite Buddy into the brightest mouth prop on the planet, emitting over 50,000 LUX with a color temperature of 6,000K.
HyperLUX Fiber Optic Light Engine: Direct intense light to challenging work areas with our HyperLUX light engine and illuminated instruments.
Radical Reflector Mouth Mirror: Diagnose and treat in difficult to see areas with ease using our powerfully illuminated mouth mirror.
Titan Transilluminator: Enhance your visual inspections and diagnoses with our versatile

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, fiber optic transillumination instrument.
All Ascentcare’s dental instruments are made in the USA, in Ascentcare’s hometown of Spring Lake, Michigan. They are protected by one or more patent applications or patents including U.S. patent No. US 9,968,341, D787070, D782047, D787069, D782048, D817492.

Introducing Photography of Tom Kelly

The Big House Framed Print by Photography of Tom Kelly

The Big House Framed Print by Photography of Tom Kelly

The photography by Tom Kelly includes high color photos of Lake Superior, beaches, lighthouses, and ore docks. The photos are available in ready to frame prints and ready to hang stretched canvas prints.
Tom really loves shooting picture around Lake Superior because of the seasons and weather which makes for great photography that leads to color photography. The type of high resolution color prints produced are colorful because more color techniques are added to the image to bring out colors and especially more detail to every print.
The photography by Tom Kelly is intended to evoke memories for people who travel through and around Michigan. When you view the images of the beaches, the islands, the tall beach grass, or the waves on Lake Superior, you may remember a warm place where you or you family stopped to picnic or had a beach fire at sunset. Those are wonderful memories on Lake Superior.
The son of a physics professor and art teacher, Tom was born in Marquette Michigan and always exposed to arts, crafts and the wilderness of Michigan Upper Peninsula. At the age of twelve, Tom was introduced to a black and white darkroom and was immediately captivated by the magic that took place, processing film and producing a finished print.
Years later, Tom now has the the experience of black and white, color printing, lab work and now the digital age of photography. After photography and business school, Tom started a photographic business, working with the Ann Arbor Art Association teaching artists how to shoot slides of their art work to present to galleries.
Tom’s next venture was Aerial photography – up in the sky, taking pictures of land development, progress shots of construction projects and photos for realtors needing aerial shots of hard to see homes. It was 1982 when Tom took on a new challenge to aerial photograph his favorite football team the Wolverines of the University of Michigan and the Michigan Football Stadium from the air. Many of these photos would end up being used in Toms stock photo shop. After that, Tom then spent some time in the biomedical department of the University of Michigan doing both camera and lab work.
Below is just a sample of the Photography by Tom Kelly offerings….
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Introducing DivotLift Divot Repair Tool

DivotLift Divot Repair Tool

DivotLift Divot Repair Tool

The Divot Repair Tool by DivotLift combines a divot repairing with a golf club lift to keep your grips high and dry. Repairing your divots is every golfers responsibility. Be a good steward of the game and repair your ball marks using the Divot Repair Tool. DivotLift™ is Patent Pending and Trademarked.
The DivotLift is small enough to keep in your pocket when not in use. When you need to lift your golf club off the green

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, slide it on the shaft to keep the grip dry. Made of high strength ABS that won’t scratch, the club lift tool stays firmly on your club shaft. With its higher visibility, you won’t ever leave your club behind again. With four great colors, you’ll be able to spot your club easily. To keep from bending over, use your other golf club to pick up the club on the ground.
Your DivotLift Divot Repair Tool and Club Lift can be custom imprinted with your logo and a message, website url or phone number. Single color customization available in quantities of 100, 200, and 300. For every Imprint order placed DivotLift will donate $20 to a USA Veteran Charity.

  • Protects your grips by keeping them elevated from the wet grass, sand and toxic fertilizers.
  • Keeps your clubs in plain view to eliminate lost wedges that may otherwise get left behind on or around the greens.
  • Saves your back and knees! No more bending over to pick up your club on the ground. Simply hook another club under the elevated grip…and lift.
  • Made from high strength ABS.
  • Great golf outing gift!

Introducing Eco-Friendly EPIC Legendary Cleaner

Eco-Friendly EPIC Legendary Cleaner

Eco-Friendly EPIC Legendary Cleaner

Eco-Friendly EPIC Legendary Cleaner was created with you in mind. EPIC Cleaning Products wanted a product that could handle the everyday grind of cleaning commercial/industrial properties. Inspired by jobs we do every day, this all in one cleaner is mild enough for residential and the environment. EPIC replaces all of the cleaners in your home – use it on glass, stainless steel, and even concrete. Strong enough to clean even the toughest stains. EPIC is made, bottled and sold in Michigan. A powerful yet gentle cleaner that is good for the environment, safe for all humans and pets, and actually works!
EPIC is tiffany blue in color and has no fragrance. EPIC can be sprayed directly on any surface you wish to clean. The 16 ounce spray bottle has an 8-1 dilution ratio.
When working on hard to remove grease spots or flooring, it is recommended that you add EPIC to hot water to increase the active ingredients. Activity is in accordance with Green Seal – Standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial Commercial and does not contain any chemicals that have carcinogens or that are known to cause reproductive toxicity. Furthermore, it does not require complex recycling and is not corrosive to skin or eyes.
Disclaimer: Can be used on everything except natural wood flooring.

  • Biodegradable
  • Odorless
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-oxidation
The main advantages of this new product are that it is biodegradable and non-toxic. This formula is not abrasive and does not promote oxidation. Non-corrosive on surfaces and it allows for surface protection against corrosion.
For that powerful eco-friendly shine, use EPIC Legendary Cleaner every time!
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Introducing PantsUp Suspender Alternative

PantsUp Suspenders Alternative

PantsUp Suspenders Alternative

If your pants keep sliding down and you’re looking for an alternative to suspenders, you need the PantsUp Suspenders Alternative device! Made of soft materials that hold their shape, they are effective for keeping your pants up and your shirt down.
PantsUp keeps your pants from sliding down without the use of traditional suspenders. If you have the same problem as many other men…
  • Shrinking butt
  • Growing middle
  • Pants won’t stay up
  • Shirt won’t stay tucked in

Dean Gilbert Enterprises designed and created the PantsUp device to meet needs. PantsUp was born when Dean had to find a way to keep his pants from sliding down over his straight hips while on his feet all day. He spent months finding the right size, shape, and materials for the device. The PantsUp accessories enable movement with confidence. The PantsUp devices attach to any tee shirt at the desired height and can be adjusted. They take up very little room and no one knows you are wearing them. They are just like invisible suspenders! You receive a pair of PantsUp that when attached to your shirt, form a ledge that supports your belt. Dean decided that once he had perfected the design others could benefit. The public has agreed and orders came flying in. The patent pending PantsUp devices are adaptable, adjustable, comfortable, practical, affordable, and immensely helpful. As one customer put it: “I have not seen anything else like it.” This is a new suspenders alternative for others facing the constant battle with sliding slacks!
If you’re having a problem with keeping your pants up, get the PantsUp suspenders alternative!

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