Aziza World Fragrances

Aziza World Fragrances
Aziza World Fragrances makes eco-friendly and Vegan alcohol free perfumes and colognes, soy candles, facial toners and organic whipped Shea body butter. Aziza World has over 140 essential and premium grade fragrance oils for customers to make their own custom product.
Aziza embarked on her small business because she loves making and creating gifts that are scented. She likes doing so by using top quality ingredients in all her products while using earth friendly products. All Aziza World fragrance products are made right in her own laboratory in Grand Rapids, Michigan. An enormous amount of time and research goes into each creation. Aziza has extremely sensitive skin and allergies, and so she is particularly sympathetic to others who struggle with the same issues. She wants to make sure her fragrance products can be used by everyone!
As Aziza began her work, she learned that the alcohol in many perfumes evaporates our natural oils – creating respiratory distress and skin irritations. Therefore, I expunged all alcohol use in my perfumes. In early 2011, Aziza underwent a surgery that left her wheelchair bound for months. She utilized that time to study and perfect her recipes. She spent hours upon hours reading books on perfumery and body products, soy candles and whipped Shea body butter. Later, she trained with a chemist who helped her get dilution and leveling correct. He also offered insight to essential and fragrance oils.
Today, Aziza is proud to sell high-quality organic, vegan, American-made products that are alcohol-free, bleach-free, and cruelty-free. Within that framework, she is also pleased to offer custom orders. The Aziza World Fragrances brand can be found in shops, festivals and salons worldwide!

It’s Perfume Oil – What Fragrance Was Meant to Be

It's Perfume Oil
It’s Perfume Oil – What Fragrance Was Meant To Be all natural perfume oil was established 1991. “It’s Perfume Oil” (perfume oil/essence parfum) is a very concentrated form of the scent and contains NO alcohol, water or other chemical additives commonly found in spray fragrances. Perfume Oils will not evaporate or spoil like perfumes and colognes that contain alcohol, and only a SMALL AMOUNT is needed!


  • Eau de Parfum contains 10 to 20 percent perfume oil with 80 to 90 percent alcohol.
  • Eau de Toilettes contain 2 percent and Colognes 5 percent perfume oil in 60 to 80 percent alcohol while the balance is water and other chemicals.
  • Perfume Oils are long lasting and after applying the oil:
  • The first few seconds will reveal only the fragrances Top Notes.
  • 10-30 minutes later the True Heart notes are evident while several hours later, the long lasting Base notes will still be present.
  • Use “It’s Perfume Oil” all natural perfume oils as:
  • A perfume by applying a small amount on your pulse points.
  • Blend 2 or more together to create your own one of a kind secret signature scent.
  • An air freshener, putting a few drops in your potpourri, artificial flowers, and diffuser pots.
  • A sachet or scented cotton balls to be put into your clothes closets and drawers, car, lockers, vacuum bags etc..
  • A scent for your unscented lotions and bath products, to create your own personal candles and soaps.
  • Put a drop or two on your hair brush or rub a little into the ends of your hair for all day wear.

    Bra & Panties: Sheer delicate musk’, citrus and florals warmed with a kiss of sugar fruit blended to create elegance and the exotic.
    Divorce Papers: You are going to receive so many compliments your wife will threaten you with divorce. If you are not married, you will be soon, but we can’t say for how long!
    Himalayan Mojo: Scents of celebration linger in the air high in the mountains of this majestic place. Wear this scent to transcend into the mystical.
    Honey Love: Turn heads with this sensuous sweet blend with just the right fruits and soft florals that can only be Honey Love!
    Juicy Marmalade: Simple yet elegant, this collaboration of Single Note fruits, coconut and sugar blended together creates a perfume that wears lightly throughout the day or adds the exotic at night.
    Karma: This crisp scent is clean, soft and comforting. Everything good karma should be.
    Man Enough: 26 unique scents create this delicate but powerful fragrance that grabs everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.
    Patchouli #10: Re-celebrate the late 60’s to the end of the 70’s with this perfect recreation of everyone’s favorite from way back when!
    Red Velvet: Chocolate covered strawberries dipped in vanilla.
    Peace Hippy: All the best scents from the days of love blended together to help you experience that joy today.
    Sunset: Historically musk permits an aura of comfort and sensuality, this blend of nine delicate musk’s is alluring.
    Tibetan Sandalwood: Only the finest sandalwood comes from this enchanted land, wear this ancient scent to create your own perfect aura.