Introducing Zip-Fresh Clips!

Zip-Fresh Clips

Zip-Fresh Clips

Zip-Fresh Clips proven design provides a simple, convenient, and easy way to close and reseal opened bags – from pantry storage, fridge, to freezer. Don’t waste your money on metal or spring-loaded chip clips – they all break sooner or later – guaranteed! They are made of cheap steel (Steel + Water) = RUST. These clips are superior to conventional clips, locking in freshness with the only clip that slides (zips) on the bag firmly with ease. Zip-Fresh Clips are the only clips with “Lifetime Warranty”. Lifetime warranty – superior quality! Plastic injected – retaining memory, and won’t stretch or wear out. Polycarbonate Plastic .100 inch thickness. The unique design inherits memory super closing strength. Impossible for the product to stretch or break. Bags of chips, cereal, sugar, pet food, etc will stay fresh for months! Available in four vibrant translucent colors, these clips are the highest quality and most affordable chip clip on the market today!


  • Look Great – Forget about those ugly and cheap multi-colored plastic clips, our simple stainless steel clips fit in with any kitchen décor.
  • Use it for your potato chips, cereal, cookies, flour, sugar, frozen food, coffee, trail mix, or anything else you need to keep fresh.
  • MULTIPLE USES: In addition to preserving your chips, use it to preserve other open bags or to display important papers.


  • Customers are raving about the quality of our Zip-Fresh Clips for pet food.
  • Reseal small to large dog feed bags.
  • Great for doggie snacks and treats.
  • Quick Seal prevents spills – Saving you money!


  • Zip-Fresh Clips prevents spills, keeping seeds & pet feed fresh!
  • Heavy-duty, durable for calf, horse feed and cracked corn bags.
  • For all seeds, mulch, fertilizer, feed bags and pet foods.


  • Indoor and Outdoor Use – It doesn’t just have to be in the kitchen.
  • Use them in the garage, shed, office, or wherever you require a durable clamp.
  • Freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe, can withstand the most harshest weather conditions.
  • Used to hang clothes on line (home or camping) it’s impossible for winds to blow towels off the line.
  • From gardening to pool covers – you “NEED” the Zip-Fresh Clips in your garage!
Zip-Fresh Chip Clips
Zip-Fresh Pet Clips
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