I’m A Michigander by Author Russell Slater

What’s so “great” about the Great Lakes State? EVERYTHING!!! From lake to glistening lake, this precious pair of peninsulas holds a special place in the hearts of those lucky enough to call Michigan “home.” Join us on a journey across the state and learn why we’re proud to say, “I’M A MICHIGANDER!”
  • Great for Michiganders of all ages!
  • Russell Slater (Author), Jordan Richardson (Illustrator)
  • Paperback
  • 30 pages
  • Published by Peninsulam Publishing in Michigan, U.S.A.

Must-Read Books

For some people, nothing will replace a book in their hand – not a Kindle, not a Nook, not an Ipad, or the smartest phone ever invented! Reading a book is a great escape and takes us to places we may never get to in any other way.
We may read for entertainment, to pass the time, to visit other worlds, to expand our sense of what is possible. We hunt for treasure, rarely satisfied, but seeking new things to which we can aspire, clues and answers to what our lives are meant to be. At best, perhaps, we read to challenge ourselves and to be changed.
Air Pirates Book authored by Brian Chase
Chase takes his readers on a journey across the world of crime, visiting Amazonia in the middle of the Colombian civil war, and trekking through other countries as well, to show how individuals smuggle drugs into the United States. His book exposes the lies he says are perpetrated by governments in the war on drugs. He also explores the death of cocaine kingpin and leader of the Medellin cartel Pablo Escobar who the U.S. government claimed they had killed in 1993. When interviewed by agents from both the Department of Justice and the CIA over this issue in 1997, they were allowed to ask Chase just one ‘yes or no’ question according to the agreement given by his attorneys. The question was simple, to the point and Chase quoted it word for word: “Is Pablo Escobar still alive?” Read more about the Air Pirates book and the author Brian Chase, along with excerpts of the book.

There are 508 Stars in the Sky Book authored by Marky Allen
There are 508 Stars in the Sky Book is a fun and delightful story of two little girls who set out on a backyard adventure to answer one of natures great wonders: How many stars are in the sky? Jane and her cousin Madison are two young girls who embark on a backyard adventure as they try to answer the night sky’s greatest challenge — numbering the stars in the sky. Karen Fulton’s artwork fully complements Marky Allen’s gentle and entertaining picture-book story. There Are 508 Stars In The Sky is enthusiastically recommended reading for any child who has ever gazed with wonder at the stars in the heavens and wondered the same thing as Jane and Madison! Read more about the There are 508 Stars in the Sky book and about the author Marky Allen.

So why read with the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, smart phones, and the television droning in the background all day and half the night?
  • Reading, unlike passive forms of absorbing stories, is an act of creation. You form images in your mind.
  • You control the pace. You pick up the book when you want to read, and you stop whenever you want. You start reading exactly where you want when you return to the book.
  • Reading tones your mind in the same way as exercise tones your muscles.
  • A book makes an excellent companion on a plane, bus, or train. It’s entertaining, quiet, and small enough to fit in your bag or briefcase.
  • You can write in a book. You can underline words that seem to speak to your life.
  • Because you invest part of yourself in actively reading a worthwhile book, it becomes part of your life and part of you.
  • A book is a gift from a writer. Why? Because an author thought long enough and deeply enough to write a whole book about some fascinating topic. He or she didn’t simply tweet about it or speak off the cuff on a TV interview. A book represents somebody’s heartfelt work. Accept the gift, and you will be richer for it.
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