Picture a Conversation Card Game

Picture A Conversation
Picture A Conversation
Picture A Conversation - Back of Card
Back Side of Card
Picture a Conversation is set of 25 cards that opens the door to meaningful conversations and connection among friends and family. As wonderful as technology is, we can forget how gratifying and important it is to sit down with someone and just talk — one-on-one, in person, with no electronic distractions. Picture a Conversation is designed to get people talking to one another face to face.
Picture a Conversation is different from all other conversation cards. It offers the power of words and image. With spectacular photographs, each card rekindles our link with the natural world, all the while inviting deep and meaningful discussion in a ground breaking way.
Picture a Conversation is for friends, families, spouses, parents and grandparents, energy healers, writers and yoga teachers – anyone and everyone ready for meaningful conversation and sharing. Age appropriate for 8-108!
How does it work you ask? The front of each Picture a Conversation card features a stunning nature image. On the back are three questions and/or statements designed to get you talking to one another, face-to-face, in real time. Like this: