Introducing Endless Etching Engraved Products

Endless Etching Engraved Products

Endless Etching Engraved Products

Karla Miller, owner of Endless Etching in Portland Michigan began engraving products in 2010. She engraves materials like glass, plastic, acrylic, wood, marble, leather and more. Karla uses an Epilog Laser engraving machine for etching many products. She also sandblasts designs, cutting them out with a vinyl plotter. Endless Etching has products in the national catalog for Pheasant Forever and Quail Forever, and has worked with Whitetails Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited and QDMA.
Endless Etching offers many stock designs that celebrate Michigan, sports, weddings, births, animals, fishing and hunting, and much more. Personalized text can be added to any stock design. Endless Etching also engraves custom designs with your artwork. Engraved glassware products include pint glasses, rock glasses, beer mugs, cookie jars, treat jars, salt and pepper shakers, ashtrays, candle holders, growlers, vases and more. Custom bamboo cutting boards make a great housewarming gift! A customized engraved Family Celebration Board provides a fun calendar to remember important dates. Personalize the Celebration Board with family name and choice of designs and colors to match any home decor.
Whether it’s pint glasses, rock glasses, wine glasses, wine bottles, etc – laser engraved products by Endless Etching make great gifts for any occasion….wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, Christmas. Businesses can strengthen your brand by etching your logo, company name, or custom graphics into shot glasses, ashtrays, coffee mugs, and more!
In addition to Endless Etching’s original stock designs and custom designs, the official Michigan State University designs are also available. Endless Etching is an official Michigan State University craft licensee.
Engraved Coffee Mugs
Engraved Salt Pepper Shakers
Engraved Stemless Wine Glass
Engraved Pint Glass
Engraved Mason Mug
Engraved Candle Holder
Engraved Rock Glass
Engraved Shot Glass
Engraved Beer Mug
Engraved Growler
Engraved Vases
Engraved Ashtray
Personalized Treat Jars
Personalized Cookie Jars
Custom Cutting Boards
Engraved Family Celebration Board
Engraved Plaques
Engraved Lighted Bottles
Official MSU Design Glassware

Kitchen & Dining

Michigan Oven Mitts

The Michigan L’Oven Mitts are double knit cotton and are oven safe up to 425 degrees.

Engraved Coffee Mug 14 oz

Engraved Coffee Mug 14 oz available in clear or frost.

Engraved Coffee Mug 20 oz

Engraved Coffee Mug 20 oz in clear or frost glass.

Kitchen Cotton Crochet Dishcloths

Kitchen Cotton Crochet Dishcloths are crocheted from kitchen cotton. Kitchen cotton is sturdy, absorbent, and machine washable.

Michigan Bottle Openers

Drink Up, Michigan! honors the Michigan wine and beer culture by creating high-quality, unique, locally-manufactured drinking accessories.

Cocktail Stones

Cocktail Stones to keep your drinks cold and not watered down.

Michigan Cookie Cutter

Michigan Cookie Cutter is not only for cookies, but also for making “Play Dough” and Cinnamon Ornaments.

Michigan Ice Cube Trays

Michigan Ice Cube Trays provide ice cubes in the shape of Michigan – WITH the Upper Peninsula attached! You can’t get more “made in Michigan” than with these Michigan Shape Ice Cube Trays.

Paisley Michigan Glass

Wool Kitchen Hot Pads

Wool Kitchen Hot Pads made from repurposed wool

Petoskey Stone Wine Stoppers

Petoskey Stone Wine Stoppers are metal wine stoppers with a 2? to 3? diameter polished Petoskey Stone attached to the top.

Michigan Shape Maple Cutting Board

The Michigan shape cutting board displays the distinctive mitten shape of the lower peninsula.

Paper Towel Holders

Paper Towel Holders

Etched Lake Michigan Glass

Pint size Etched Lake Michigan Glass

Etched Drink In Michigan Glass

Pint size Etched Drink In Michigan Glass

Engraved Salt & Pepper Shakers

Laser engraved glass Salt & Pepper Shakers with your choice of design and optional personalized engraving.

Michigan Love Mug

Michigan Love Mug makes a great add-on gift or a treat for yourself.

Michigan Photo Coasters

The Michigan Photo Coasters come wrapped in packs of 4 of the same image.

Michigan Photo Glass Cutting Board

The Michigan Photo Glass Cutting Board is created using dye sublimation by firing the image into the surface at high pressure and temperature.

Petoskey and Dolomite Stone Magnents

Petoskey and Dolomite Stone Magnents.

Michigan Photo Coasters

Michigan Photo Coasters are made from high quality washable neoprene with Michigan images fired into the surface at high temperature and pressure.

Petoskey Stone Bottle Stopper

Petoskey Stone Bottle Stopper has a 1 1/2 to 2 1-2 inch Petoskey Stone with a 504 food grade stainless steel stopper.

Snapi Single Handed Server

Snapi Single Handed Server is the fun way to serve food that is perfect for salads, pasta, veggies and more! As seen on The Rachel Ray Show, Snapi has become a favorite kitchen tool!

STUFZ Burger System

Stufz is the ultimate stuffed burger system to make the perfect stuffed burger!

Michigan Photo Wine Bottle Sleeve

The Michigan Photo Wine Bottle Sleeve is created using dye sublimation by firing the image into the surface at high pressure and temperature.

Condiment Trays

Condiment Trays are available in Tiki Bar, Butterfly, or with Bear and Deer in heavy gauge metal and powder coated for durability.

Napkin Holders

Napkin Holders

Custom Bottle or Can Koozie

This insulated koozie will keep your drink nice and cold! The Bottle/Can Koozie features a moisture-wicking finish and unlike many other koozies, the bottom of this koozie is also insulated

WineO Wooden Wine Stopper with Pouch

WineO is a collection of engraved wooden wine stoppers.

Wine Glass Racks

Wine Glass Racks.

Wine Bottle Koozie

The Wine Bottle Koozie is a large enough koozie that fits a standard size wine bottle.

Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses

Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses with choice of design and personalized text.

Michigan Lazy Susan

Solid Wood Michigan Lazy Susan made from ash with a beautiful Great Lakes Michigan design.


Scrubbies are made from nylon netting so they do not scratch most surfaces.

Photo Bottle Sleeves

The non-slip insulated Photo Bottle Sleeve is high quality neoprene to dress up any wine bottle or water bottle.

Scuba Foam Can Koozies

2 sided Scuba Foam Can Koozies with a Michigan Photo or personalize!

Metal Wine Rack and Wine Glass Holder

Metal Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Rack is 11 gauge steel with a 2? hole for the wine bottle and four 1? slots for the wine glasses.

Don’t Mess With The Mitten Water Bottle

This Don’t Mess With The Mitten Water Bottle is perfect for the person who loves the Great State of Michigan!

Love Michigan Water Bottle

This Love Michigan Water Bottle is perfect for the person who loves the Great State of Michigan!

Fused Glass Michigan Magnet

This Michigan Magnet is made of dichroic glass that has been acid etched to create the design, capped with clear glass and fused at 1425 degrees.

Personalized Photo Coasters

Personalized Photo Coasters made from high quality washable neoprene available in round or square.

Linen Wine Bags

Linen Wine Bags with a variety of Little Red Wining Hood inscriptions. The wine bag is 100% linen with a hemp drawstring.

Personalized Photo Cutting Board

Personalize the high quality textured tempered glass cutting board with a cherished photo.

Personalized Wine Bottle Sleeve

Personalize a wine bottle sleeve with a favorite photo. Great for wedding gifts.

Beeswax Food Wrap by Bee Joyful Shop

Petoskey Stone Wine Glass

Petoskey Stone Wine Glass. The wine glass stem goes through a Petoskey stone. Makes a unique gift!

Standard Bottle and Can Koozie

Each Bottle or Can Koozie comes with a clip to attach to belt loop or lanyard.

Michigan Home Brewed Sign

This hand painted Home Brewed Michigan Sign is made with rustic unfinished wood and a rustic bottle opener.

Michigan Drink Local Sign

Michigan Drink Local Sign is made using raw reclaimed wood and comes with a cast iron bottle opener.

Solid Wood Curved Wine Bottle Holder

Solid Oak Michigan Bottle Opener

Solid Wood Wine Glass and Wine Bottle Holder

Solid Oak Michigan Wine Bottle Holder

Michigan Wine Bottle Stopper with Corkscrew

Gear Shift Wine Bottle Stopper

Solid Black Walnut Wedge Wine Bottle Holder

Rustic Michigan Coaster Set with Holder

Paisley Michigan Beer Can Glass

Engraved Pint Glass

Engraved Mason Mug