Maple Syrup Products

Pure maple syrup
Premium, quality Michigan-made pure maple syrup without chemical agents or preservatives produced and packaged in Michigan by K & E Delectable Edible’s.
Maple Chipotle Sauce
Maple Chipotle Sauce by Herkner Farms is a sweet and savory sauce perfect for grilling. Ideal for basting ribs, chicken and steaks.
Maple Syrup Nipper
The Maple Syrup Nipper is a 40 ml shot of maple goodness! The same delicious 100% Michigan-made maple syrup as in other bottles produced by K & E Delectable Edible’s.
Maple Sugar
Maple sugar can be substituted for regular white sugar in baking, or it can be sprinkled over cake or cupcakes for a mild maple flavor and added sweetness.
Grade B Maple Syrup
Grade B Maple Syrup has a more robust maple flavor and scent. This 100% Michigan made Grade B maple syrup is darker than Grade A and has a stronger maple profile. Produced by K & E Delectable Edible’s.
Maple Cream
The K & E Delectable Editbles Maple Cream is made from 100% Michigan-made maple syrup – nothing else! The sap is cooked a bit past the syrup stage, then whipped as it cools.
Maple Candle
Enjoy the warmth of a Maple Sugar Scented Soy Candle – it really smells like you are making maple syrup right in your home!
Maple Candy
This 100% maple syrup candy will remind you of the candy you may have enjoyed with your grandparents – it melts in your mouth!
Maple Sticks
100% Michigan made maple sticks by K & E Delectable Edibles are the perfect size to sweeten your coffee or tea or for a quick, naturally healthy snack.

More Michigan Maple Products

K and E Delectable Edibles provides pure Michigan made syrup and other delectable maple products! The Maple Candy, Maple Cream, Maple Sugar, and Roasted Almonds are all made with pure Michigan Maple Syrup. For all who know the “great up north”, springtime is maple syrup time!