Introducing Art of John French

Artist John French
John French was born in Santa Fe, NM. When he was three years old, he watched his aunt draw a picture of him and he has been hooked since. As a child, John spent four years in Italy with his Air Force father. Many of his formative years were spent viewing the ancient art and architecture of the Renaissance. After their European Tour they moved to the wild and beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
John took several art classes and attended workshops, including one with Michigan’s own Bill Hamilton. After high school, he took art classes at Northern Michigan University. John gave up college so he could work and support a family, but kept studying on his own. John is one of those self-taught artists.
Since mid-2009, John has proudly served on the Board of Directors for The Marquette Symphony Orchestra. In June 2013, he was elected as the President of the MSO’s Board of Directors. In 2015 John was part of the Manzano Mountian Arts Council 25 Years of New Mexico exhibit in Mountainaire, NM. John has also worked at RTI Surgical, formerly known as Pioneer Surgical in Marquette, MI since July of 2000. Besides being a full time artist, John is also a full time husband and dad.
The Art of John French are original oil paintings. Even though similar paintings can be created, no two are alike. John French oil paintings depict the Northern Michigan landscapes and captures the wild beauty with painting knives and bold, vibrant colors. The original oil paintings share the artist’s view of the subject. The Art of John French is a conversation in color, texture and composition.
The Artist at Porcupine Mountains Oil Painting
The Artist at Porcupine Mountains Oil Painting
Marquette Harbor Light Oil Painting
Marquette Harbor Light Oil Painting – Free Standing
Lake Superior Summer Waves Oil Painting
Lake Superior Summer Waves Oil Painting
Mackinac Bridge From The South Oil Painting
Mackinac Bridge From The South Oil Painting – Free Standing
Horses of Mackinac Island Oil Painting
Horses of Mackinac Island Oil Painting

Bending Water and Stories Nearby

Made In Michigan
In Bending Water and Stories Nearby, author Pete Wurdock has infused new life into the literary landscape with a collection of short stories. These stories are reminiscent of the pioneering narratives of Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories, avoiding the pitfalls of the derivative by plotting a course through the rough, unpredictable, and often isolated terrain of Michigan’s natural splendor. Bending Water and Stories Nearby is populated with characters wrestling with emotive realization in a voice that is as equally fresh as it is contemporary.
Author Peter Wurdock is a Michigan born writer who has just released a new collection of short stories that are all based in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Bending Water and Stories Nearby has only been out for a couple months and is already receiving great critical acclaim. This is Pete Wurdock’s second book written about Michigan. Bending Water and Stories Nearby is the only book of its kind that combines northern Michigan short stories with beautiful color artwork by Michigan artists.
Bending Water and Stories Nearby is in full color with 232 pages published by Blue Boundary Books 2013

Author Peter Wurdock
Peter Wurdock was born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan. He graduated with honors from Dondero High School and later attended Albion College with the intention of pursuing a career in creative writing and journalism. He was later accepted to the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where he studied composition, arranging and performance. Upon returning to Michigan, he worked part time as a professional musician, playing professionally in musical theater and performing with various bands in the Detroit area.


Barb Kinsey:
I live in Lower Michigan & found a big article in my local newspaper about Bending Water & Stories Nearby, with the picture of the author, Pete. Didn’t take me long to read this book. We use to venture to the U.P. many years ago to take pictures of the waterfalls. The book mentioned so many places that I had visited. Made you feel like you were right there. I totally recommend this book. Hope there is more to come. Great writing Pete, keep up the great work!
Joyce Hicks:
Anyone looking for a good book to read in the evenings while you cozy up to a fire these cool Michigan evenings, get a copy of Bending Water and Stories Nearby. Wonderful book!
I received Bending Water and Stories Nearby on Friday the 6th. I have a habit of reading with my first morning coffee every day. It is REALLY difficult to put the book down and begin my daily “chores”. This is a one-of-a-kind book; one like I’ve never read before. Having spent time in Yooper Country and staying on the shore of Muskallonge several times, I so appreciate Bending Water with all of its sorrow, joy, pain, yearning, happiness, etc., etc. The photos are great!