Introducing Michigan Amor Apparel

Michigan Amor MI Amor is a fun play on words celebrating love for Michigan. The Michigan Amor owners Maria and James Lyons of Troy, Michigan love spending time on her beaches, exploring her beautiful woods and visiting different charming shops and quaint eateries. Michigan Amor Apparel celebrates all of this. Michigan Amor Apparel hand screen prints Michigan themed apparel for adults and children. They represent some of the many special, one of a kind places in our great state and the spirit of love that only Michiganders share. The designs are unique and embody the spirit of what it means to love this great state. The Michigan Amor designs are printed on high quality apparel in a variety of colors. Designs include “Made In Michigan”, “Michigan Is For Lovers”, “Michigan Active”, “Michigan Motto”, “Simply Michigan”, “Isle Royale”, “Manistee National Forest”, “Great Lakes Waves” and “Mackinac “Island Bike Club”.
Women’s Michigan Amor Tshirt
Michigan Active Tshirt – Unisex
Kids Great Lakes Waves Tshirt
Women’s Isle Royale Tshirt
Michigan Motto Tshirt – Unisex
Mackinac Island Bike Club Onesie
Michigan Is For Lovers Tshirt
Simply Michigan Tshirt – Unisex
Made In Michigan Onesie

Tee See Tee Michigan Perspective Apparel

Detroit Pride Women’s T-shirt Tee See Tee is a Michigan based t-shirt design and printer with a true Michigan perspective available in women and men sizes.
What does Tee See Tee Stand for?
Tee See Tee is all about combining fun and fashion, with a Michigan vibe. It embodies all things past and present that make Michigan the great state it is, with a style that has universal appeal.
What does the name mean, and how does it relate to the products?
Tee See Tee, when said aloud, sounds like “TC Tee.” This is a very intentional nod to my home town of Traverse City, Michigan, one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world.
What themes are prominent in Tee See Tee designs?
All Tee See Tee designs have something to do with Michigan, whether that has to do with the Sand Dunes, the long gone Shadowlands Club, Morel Mushrooms, to the personality and character of our people. Sometimes it’s an inside joke only locals will get, but it will always be eye catching enough that everyone will appreciate it.
What words describe Tee See Tee t-shirts?
Michigan, Beach, Sun, Snow, Beer, Wine, Food, Simple, Bold, Fun, Comfortable, Classic, Timeless, and Understated.
What are some notable features about Tee See Tee shirts?
All Tee See Tee shirts are printed on the highest quality Tri-blend material, creating not only a fabulous look, but a comfort that will quickly make this your favorite tee. And every design is printed with a soft hand, meaning no crusty, thick printing to ruin the silky soft feel of the shirt. Basically, if you see that silver foil Tee See Tee label on the inside, you know you are getting the best shirt money can buy.



Dirty Girl Hoodies
Finally, one comfy hoodie that honors the coolest cars on dirt!
Dirty Girl Shirts
Look your best at the race track in your Racing TShirt
Dirty Girl Tanks
Be on trend this summer! The weather won’t be the only thing HOT at the races when you show up in your Race Tank Top
Men Geo Gamo Tee
Men’s Geo Gamo Tee is available in blue or green Michigan camo design.
Dirty Girl Yoga Pants
Be on trend and extremely comfortable in these Dirty Girl Yoga Pants
Fashionable Outerwear
MP Fashions feature capes and coats in feminine and flowing silhouettes. These cozy coats will soon become a cool-weather staple!
Ruffle Scarves
These beautiful ruffle scarves are crocheted using a soft, lace acrylic yarn which allows it to drape beautifully against your casual or dressy outfit
Team Spirit Scarves
Go to your next sporting event in style wearing your favorite team colors.
Men’s Michigan Theme T-shirts
These Michigan theme tshirts are a celebration of all the things that make our great state great.
Great Lakes Hoodie
The zip up Great Lakes Hoodies with Convertible Turtle Gloves are American made with Great Lakes Embroidery detail
Scarf Necklaces
Designer Scarf Necklaces are unique and one of a kind. Handmade with Italian and Grecian ribbon thread and soft yarns.
Scarves of Westwood
Scarves of Westwood are unique scarves that are handmade with several different non-wool yarns, ribbons, textures, beads and just the right amount of bling.
Women Michigan Theme T-Shirts
Live your life pure and celebrate where you’re from with “wear” you’re from!
Michigan Theme Hoodies
Show up at the next bonfire wearing a hoodie that not only looks and feels incredible, but has a built-in waterproof insulated koozie and an attached bottle opener!
White Jersey with Pink Sleeves and Michigan GeoCamo Design
White Jersey with Pink Sleeves and Michigan GeoCamo Design
Custom Rhinestone Aprons
Not only are Custom Rhinestone Aprons fun for the kitchen, but they make fun conversation at the beauty salon, pet grooming salon, ice cream parlor – anywhere you would wear an apron!
Gray Hoodie with Navy Sleeves and Blue Michigan GeoCamo Design
Michigan GeoCamo Design on front and back. How many Michigan’s do you see in the design?
Jersey Tee with Monochrome Michigan GeoCamo Design
Black and Gray, 3/4 sleeve 100% cotton t-shirt. Monochrome Michigan GeoCamo pattern on front and back.
Unisex The Mitten State Tee’s
Unisex Tshirts available in America’s High Five, LOVE TMS, Bless You Boys, and Gordie Howe
Dark Heather Tee with Pink Michigan GeoCamo design
Dark Heather Tee with Pink or Blue Michigan GeoCamo design
Unmarx Reusable Cleaning Pad
Unmarx is a reusable cleaning pad that easily erases marks on clothing – deodorant marks, lint, pet hair, dandruff, dried food and so much more!
Women’s The Mitten State Tee’s
Women’s Tshirts available in America’s High Five, LOVE TMS, Bless You Boys.
Women’s Isle Royale Tshirt
Ladies, celebrate the Isle Royale National Park with this Women’s Isle Royale Tshirt!
Rhinestone T-shirts and Tanks
Rhinestone Fashions with wide selection of rhinestone designs!
Women’s Michigan Amor Tshirt
This Women’s MI Amor Tshirt playfully celebrates the love Michiganders have for our amazing state.
Michigan Is For Lovers Tshirt – Unisex
Everyone knows Michigan Is For Lovers. You can show it with this Michigan Is For Lovers Tshirt.
Manistee National Forest Tshirt – Unisex
Show the love for Manistee National Forest with this Manistee National Forest Tshirt.
Michigan Amor Hoodie – Unisex
Michigan Amor Hoodie available in Heather Gray, Navy, Red, Royal Blue.
Simply Michigan Tshirt – Unisex
We love Michigan! This shirt is sweet and simple for the everyday Michigander!
Michigan Motto Tshirt – Unisex
This Michigan Motto Tshirt is inspired from the state of Michigan’s official motto “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”
Michigan Active Tshirt – Unisex
This Active Michigan Tshirt is for the active Michigander.

The Mitten State – Michigan Theme Apparel

America’s High Five Tshirt – Unisex
We love Michigan. No matter where we end up, Michigan is our home. It’s a state of mind. It’s a feeling. It’s where our heart will always lie. A sense of belonging. And it’s exactly this passion for our home that drives The Mitten State to make the best Michigan apparel around. The Mitten State apparel is the softest. Seriously, it’s an obsession for them. Ever since stumbling across a well-loved heather gray Tigers shirt from the 1970s, it’s been their mission to replicate that vintage awesomeness.
The Mitten State apparel is the best in the country. Not just because of the attention to detail, but because we fortunate enough to celebrate the best state ever. Because every design they make tells a story: about our history, our people, and our places. Because The Mitten State belongs to every Michigander. Where else in the country can you show someone where you’re from with your hand? This is an awesome state to be from. And we’re here to shout it from the rooftops in the form of super soft vintage apparel. When you buy The Mitten State apparel, rest assured it wasn’t made in a dingy factory overseas by underage workers in dubious conditions. The Mitten State apparel is responsibly made in American factories by craftsmen and women with hundreds of years of combined experience.