Impressive Messages – Inspirational Cards

Impressive Messages are Cards Worth Giving…beautiful, high-quality line of cards with simplistic, powerful messages. Created for any age, any gender and any occasion. Inspirational words and images, and a blank canvas inside – these cards beckon to become the handwritten message that brings a friend to tears, or the sweet love note that shapes a lingering smile. Cards Worth Keeping…as you pore over the intricate details of that handwritten card and savor, again, the message within – a grandmother’s wise words, a husband’s devotion, a true friendship or even a heartfelt Thank You. Handwritten cards stand the test of time….tuck it away, again, until the next time.
Designer Kate Cardinali dreamed up imPRESSive Messages and made it a reality. Tired of going to boutiques and not finding a suitable card, she decided to design her own, and why not share them with the masses. imPRESSive Messages is getting its feet wet with a small line of greeting cards which will grow with time to include a general card line and additional stationary items.
Founded on inspirational quotes and good clean design…imPRESSive Messages is a card that won’t just be an after thought. Printed in Michigan, Designed in Michigan…imPRESSive Messages is bringing cards to boutiques, lakeside gift shops & Michigan wineries throughout the state.


Hand Illustrated Note Cards by Gail

These beautiful note cards are hand illustrated by Gail Borgman McGuire. Gail travels around the country photographing magnificent scenery. When she returns to her studio in Clawson, Michigan, she hand draws the lighthouses and scenery, then reproduces the drawings onto the note cards. Gail also combines her drawings with calligraphy for the scripture note cards. Her original drawings are done in colored pencil and then reproduced onto the note cards. These hand illustrated note cards are shown in different museum shops and galleries throughout the country.