Introducing Statement Canvas Signs by Redefining Creativity

Statement Signs by Redefining Creativity

Statement Signs by Redefining Creativity

Annika, first grade teacher turned painter, is on a creativity journey. As owner of Redefining Creativity Statement Signs, she creates witty, funny, and inspirational home decor signs. These statements are hand painted on canvas in black lettering on a white background. Her experiences influence the subtle and sometimes bold statements and designs. She hopes others can relate to them and laugh….or at least giggle when reading the witty and inspirational statements.

About Redefining Creativity

Annika is a first grade teacher who needed a creative outlet as a way to de-stress, especially after a life-altering event in her classroom. She turned to art, something she felt was not a strength of hers but wanted to improve upon. Annika began creating home decor signs with different sayings and quotes that would bring a smile to her face. After having success selling to friends and family, Annika decided to expand her line of home decor signs and take them public. Redefining Creativity was born. Today, Annika is putting smiles on people’s faces with subtle black and white canvas signs with witty, funny, and inspirational statements.
The black and white canvas signs include these witty and inspirational statements:
  • Changing the toilet paper will not cause brain damage
  • don’t grow up it’s a trap
  • Being an adult is like folding a sheet
  • have a nice poop
  • hello sweet cheeks!
  • Marriage: An Endless Sleepover With Your Favorite Weirdo
  • stay humble, work hard, be kind
  • steal my heart not my blankets
  • and so together they built a life they loved
  • Life is getting too complicated – time to be a unicorn

Bailey B’aire’s Blessings – Featuring Inspirational Wood Signs

Bailey B'aire's Blessings inspirational wood signBailey is such a blessing to me,” Angela said. “I’ve never had a dog like her.” Bailey, an Airedale Terrier, has been in Angela Farver’s heart and life since 2010, ever since Angela saw this wiggly ball of curls just four weeks into life.
When Angela thought about creating beauty with paint and wood and words = she wanted the words to be inspiring, words that made a head nod, or curved out a smile, or gentled one’s soul. “There are plenty of harsh words out there, and sayings that hurt. I want to remind us of faith, hope and love.”
As Angela cuts and glues, stains and stencils, she has the blessing of husband Bill, who has been known to lend his hand to saw cuts and wood selections.
Both Angela and Bill are proud of son Brandon, a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force. With a tour of duty overseas and currently several states away, Brandon has made the world seem much smaller to his parents. Angela’s sign, “Home of the Free Because of the Brave,” gives recognition to her son and all those in military service.
Angela, Bill and Bailey live in the woods, surrounded by trees and sky and God’s good earth. Deer browse and meander in the trees about every day, so often that Bailey does not consider them strangers. Of course, those trees are not for slicing and cutting into signs. No, Angela and Bill purchase kiln-dried tongue and grooved pine, to construct each sign.
When you purchase a sign, you’ll notice that both front and back are completely finished with stain or paint. No raw edges here. The wooden slats are reinforced with two 1/2″ wood strips on the back of the sign. Bailey B’aire’s Blessing and paw prints add an additional bit of fillip.
And what’s on the front of those signs? You have many choices, of words and colors, stencils and designs. Dogs and babies, friendship and love–it’s hard to choose just one. Angela and Bailey will help you bless the little baby, the new marriage, the comfortable friendship, the loving home with these inspirational signs.
Bailey B'aire's Blessings inspirational wood sign

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