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G.H. Soaps (Garden Harvest Soaps) developed out of a community gardening initiative began in late 2013 on the West side of Detroit, Michigan. The idea was to create products that nourish the skin with the same ingredients that nourish the body, plant based and all natural…like whole-food for your skin! Because it is such, G.H. Soaps is committed to using natural ingredients and leaving out synthetics like fragrance oil, parabens, sulfates and artificial coloring agents. G.H. Soaps offers handmade, plant based bar soap and body butters using plants, herbs, flowers, mineral clays & essential oils. No synthetics, No fragrance oils, No artificial coloring or foaming agents. Organically derived ingredients for a truly natural experience.
All Natural Bath & Body Products by BodyTruth

Aziza World Fragrances

Aziza World Fragrances
Aziza World Fragrances makes eco-friendly and Vegan alcohol free perfumes and colognes, soy candles, facial toners and organic whipped Shea body butter. Aziza World has over 140 essential and premium grade fragrance oils for customers to make their own custom product.
Aziza embarked on her small business because she loves making and creating gifts that are scented. She likes doing so by using top quality ingredients in all her products while using earth friendly products. All Aziza World fragrance products are made right in her own laboratory in Grand Rapids, Michigan. An enormous amount of time and research goes into each creation. Aziza has extremely sensitive skin and allergies, and so she is particularly sympathetic to others who struggle with the same issues. She wants to make sure her fragrance products can be used by everyone!
As Aziza began her work, she learned that the alcohol in many perfumes evaporates our natural oils – creating respiratory distress and skin irritations. Therefore, I expunged all alcohol use in my perfumes. In early 2011, Aziza underwent a surgery that left her wheelchair bound for months. She utilized that time to study and perfect her recipes. She spent hours upon hours reading books on perfumery and body products, soy candles and whipped Shea body butter. Later, she trained with a chemist who helped her get dilution and leveling correct. He also offered insight to essential and fragrance oils.
Today, Aziza is proud to sell high-quality organic, vegan, American-made products that are alcohol-free, bleach-free, and cruelty-free. Within that framework, she is also pleased to offer custom orders. The Aziza World Fragrances brand can be found in shops, festivals and salons worldwide!

Liquid Shea Butter by Essentialology

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This Liquid Shea Butter repairs and nourishes the skin with it’s moisturizing proprieties. Liquid Shea Butter softens deeply into the skin and protects skin surface. Men, Women, and Children can use this wonderful skin care product. Great for the whole body – use on hands, feet, windburn, ashy skin, hair, nails, and so much more.
100% Pure Liquid Shea Butter – what Is It? This oil is not called ‘Shea Oil’ because the artisan wants everyone to realize exactly what this is. This is NOT an inferior oil pressed from what is left over after the butter has been removed from the Shea Nut. 100% unrefined Shea Butter is used to make Liquid Shea Butter. It is very high in unsaponifiables! Some of the Stearic Acid is removed from the butter to make the butter a liquid form. Therefore, Liquid Shea is the exact same thing as Shea Butter only in a liquid state. Those who use this product will use nothing else for hot oil treatments, massages, hair treatments, and direct application to the skin. Being liquid, this Shea Butter penetrates quickly without stretching the skin. And, as always – NO CHEMICALS, NO PRESERVATIVES, and NO FILLERS. 100% Raw Shea Butter ALL NATURAL!

Made In Michigan