Introducing Herkner Farms Gourmet Food Products

Herkner Farms Gourmet Food Products

The Herkner family began creating their famous Cherry Drizzle Topping from the fruit they harvested on their farm on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, MI in 1962. The popularity of these delicious toppings soon outgrew their farmhouse kitchen’s capacity and they began producing their products commercially for sale to customers, retailers and food and ice cream manufacturers throughout the Midwest.
In 2015, the Herkner Farms brand added additional drizzle topping flavors including Blueberry, Cherry Chipotle, Cranberry, Peach, Peach Habanero, and Strawberry Drizzle Toppings. New product categories were also added consisting of Gourmet Condiments, Jams & Preserves, and Sauces. Gourmet Condiments include Balsamic Onion Roasted Garlic Spread, Champagne Dill Honey Mustard, Farm House Ketchup, Stoneground Mustard Aioli, and Sweet & Spicy Mustard. Jams and Preserves include Apple Cinnamon Jam, Champagne Raspberry Preserves, Farm House Berry Preserves, Raspberry Citrus Preserves, and Tropical Pineapple Jam. Sauces include Blackberry Balsamic Sauce, Cherry BBQ Sauce, Maple Chipotle Sauce, Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Spicy Raspberry Peach Sauce, and Tai Sweet & Spicy Garlic Sauce.
In 2017 Herkner Farms was honored by the food industry’s leading publication, Store Brands, with three medals from their annual “Editors Picks Best New Products” competition. The Cherry Chipotle Drizzle Topping won the gold medal, the Peach Drizzle Topping won the silver, and the Blueberry Drizzle Topping won the bronze. Herkner Farms is proud to have swept the “Toppings” category competition!
Today, Herkner Farms continue to produce gourmet products with the same fresh, quality ingredients and care that the Herkner family has done for generations.
Fruit Drizzle Toppings
Gourmet Sauces

Introducing Backwoods Mustard – Uncle Ted Approved!

Ted Nugent with Backwoods Mustard

Ted Nugent with Backwoods Mustard

It doesn’t get much better than a micro brew paired with a brat smothered in Backwoods Mustard. Not only does craft beer and craft mustard share a creative process, but they also share space on your table. Those who indulge in the world of craft beer do not limit their crafty choices to beer alone. Craft beer enthusiasts may just as well be called “craft enthusiasts”. These are people who appreciate the art of making things and enjoy crafty choices with their drinkable artwork.
Backwoods Mustard Company creates Michigan-made craft mustard utilizing family recipes with a focus on tradition, Michigan, and the Great Outdoors. The end result… a truly unique product that is a reflection of the craftsman’s creativity, dedication, and love for the craft itself. Backwoods Mustard Company began with Sweet Jalapeno Mustard that was literally born in the backwoods of Northern Michigan! It’s a family deer camp recipe that dates back two generations. Since then, it’s migrated from deer camp to become a staple in every outdoor outing. As you can see in the photo, Ted Nugent gives Backwoods Mustard Sweet Jalapeno a “thumbs up”!
The Sweet Jalapeno Mustard has a sweet start with a mild jalapeno burn. As you enjoy this camp classic, you can imagine the stories its heard while being passed around an evening’s camp fire. The Honey Habanero Mustard is made with pure Michigan honey. You will love this hot mustard’s combination of sweet and heat. This award winning mustard can now be found at Michigan Made Products & Gifts.
Backwoods Mustard

Sunshine’s Homemade Hot Carolina Gold Sauce

Sunshine’s Hot Carolina Gold Sauce is Sunshine’s newest recipe and is a Michigan made Gourmet food product made the old fashioned way. As only all natural ingredients are used – NO MSG, gluten, corn syrup or artificial ingredients. The main ingredients are mustard and honey but the gourmet flavor comes from incorporating apple cider vinegar, molasses, all natural tomato sauce, and a combination of spices that add the heat you are looking for in your mustard sauces.
The Hot Carolina Gold Sauce is very versatile and goes great on chicken nuggets, sandwiches, pizza or on your favorite cuts of meat as a glaze, baste or dipping sauce. Excellent on wings, pork tenderloin and chicken breast this is very versatile and can also be substituted in any of your mustard or BBQ recipes. This sauce is a hot mustard based sauce that is a great addition to holiday gift baskets or ingredient for family gatherings. Use for dipping on pretzels or with your favorite cheeses and summer sausage. Sunshine’s Homemade Hot Carolina Gold Sauce comes in a 16 oz Ball brand wide mouth mason jar that can be reused and gives an old fashioned ambiance to your gift baskets. Free recipe cards with each purchase!
Sunshine’s Homemade Hot Carolina Gold Sauce

What can you do with Sunshine’s Homemade Hot Carolina Gold Sauce?

Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Burger
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Coney Dog
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Monte Cristo Sandwich
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Reuben Sandwich
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on Chicken
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Grilled Ham Sandwich
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Pita Sandwich
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Sub
Hot Carolina Gold Sauce on Pretzels
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Club Sandwich
Hot Carolina Gold Sauce on Sandwich
Sweet & Spicy Mustard on a Turkey Sandwich