Wine Stoppers with Engraved Messages

WineO Wooden Wine Stoppers
WineO is a brand new collection of engraved wooden wine stoppers. Each patented WineO wine stopper features a functional birch topper engraved with an emotionally rewarding message. Inspired by a Clifton Fadiman quote, ‘A bottle of wine begs to be shared, I have never met a miserly wine lover’, your choice of inspirational messages are Friends, Good Wine, Happy Birthday, House Red, House White, Share and includes a wine colored velvet drawstring bag. Pair the WineO Wine Stopper with a bottle of wine for a more substantial gift.
Each wooden wine stopper is 1 3/8″ in diameter x 1 1/4″ high. The low profile design allows for horizontal or vertical placement of open bottles for storage flexibility. The no-taste, no-odor food grade TPE stopper eliminates the concerns of cork crumbs and the oxygen permeability of corks.
The individual WineO Wine Stoppers are available for $4.95 each:
  • Friends
  • Good Wine, Good Food, Good Friends
  • Happy Birthday, Aged To Perfection
  • House Red
  • House White
  • Share
  • Or buy the collection of all 6 – $24.95
  • Made In Michigan


    Wine Theme Accessories & Gifts

    Rocks and Flowers – A Beautiful Combination Inspires Unique Gift Items

    Lapidary and Flower Art Gardens Natural treasures of the Michigan landscape are the raw materials for Chuck and Pat Lightfoot’s Lapidary and Flower Art
    The delicate and often ephemeral beauty of flowers grown in Michigan, as well as hard, enduring rocks and minerals found in our State, are the inspiration for their creations.
    Chuck and Pat Lightfoot, who live in Caro, Michigan, are rock hounds, always on the look-out for a pretty stone wherever their travels take them. Being dedicated Michiganders, they’ve specialized in rocks and minerals found in our own Great Lakes State.
    Now, they’re not only collectors, but accomplished lapidarists – craftspeople who cut and polish stones. The beautiful results are then used in the creation of a variety of distinctive personal and gift items, such as keepsake boxes, nightlights, wine stoppers, keychains, magnets, pocket knives and a unique Michigan plaque.
    Petoskey Stone is one of their most popular materials. The distinctive 3.5 million-year-old fossil coral is readily recognized as a natural product of Michigan, and is showcased in many of the Lightfoot’s creations. They’ve even incorporated Petoskey Stone into their handcrafted greeting cards!
    Other stones they frequently use are Kona Dolomite, a pink to red stone found near Marquette, which contains Stromatolites, 2.1 billion year old algae. Another is Verde Antique Marble, a green stone with gray veins which comes from the Ropes Gold Mine near Ishpeming. The now-closed mine was the only producing gold mine in Michigan.
    Copper, which was mined extensively in the Western U.P.’s “Copper Country” during the 1800’s and 1900’s, is incorporated into the Lightfoots’ Michigan plaque. Nuggets from the Keewanaw Peninsula symbolize the Mackinaw Bridge between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.
    Lapidary and Flower Art Gardens
    Flower gardening is another keen interest of the Lightfoots. Their two-acre yard includes 14 flower gardens featuring mostly perennials such as lilies, roses, and butterfly bushes. To enjoy her hobby year ’round, Pat began pressing flowers and adding them to a variety of items such as greeting cards. Her creations, which sells in sets of four, make a beautiful background for memorable messages to family and friends – whether they reside in Michigan, or anywhere else around the world!