Natural Bath & Body Products by Bev’s Body Bars

Bev's Body Bar Bath & Body Products Love your skin with handcrafted natural soap, bath bombs, bath salts, shower tab steamers, lip balms, lotions, body butters and scrubs. Besides being a nurse, Bev enjoys making handcrafted bath and body products because it’s all her loves in one place – the math, the science, the artistic expression, the designing of each scent and color sensation. It’s art that must be seen, felt and used to experience. For Bev, making soap is amazingly fun and awesome. While researching the additives put into our skincare products, Bev realized how bad they can be for your skin. So she began making handcrafted lotions, lip balms and sugar scrubs. The more she used her handcrafted products, the better her skin got. Bev quit having to slather herself in lotion constantly because her skin was cracking and dry. She quit having redness, rashes and hives. Her skin texture changed, and felt smoother and looked younger. It was amazing. Bev tries to keep her bath and body products as natural as they can be. Preservatives are used because germs are real and pretty harmful. Mica colorants or liquid dyes (fd&c approved for cosmetic) are used unless she uses natural herbs or spices for colorants. You will find essential oils in a lot of Bev’s Bath and Body Products. Love your skin and begin using Bev’s Body Bar Bath & Body Products!

Choices Bath & Body Products with Organic Essential Oils

Helga Soave is a cosmetic chemist and creator of Choices Bath and Body natural bath and body care products. Helga is dedicated to creating products using natural, organic, healthy ingredients while avoiding any chemicals that could damage your skin. She uses only pure essential oils from natural plant extracts to scent the products. Unlike other fragrances, which is always from synthetic components, essential oils play an important role within holistic aromatherapy. Essential oils, also referred to as “essences”, are botanical extracts of various plant materials, and not only originate from flowers, but also from herbs, trees and various other plant material. Essential oils differ from other oils in that they have certain therapeutic properties which can be used to promote health and well-being.