Man On The Fence Book
Man On The Fence Book by author John R Day Jr
Bending Water and Stories Nearby
Author Pete Wurdock has infused new life into the literary landscape with a collection of short stories.
Around the Alphabet: A New Way to Look at Letters
A unique and fun book for toddlers and preschoolers in which the creative arrangement and illustration of the letters in a word conveys the meaning of the word itself.
From Your Valentine Book
From Your Valentine book is authored by Rose Ederer and published by Thomastown Publishing Co in Saginaw, Michigan.
The Captain and Harry
The Captain and Harry, A Trembling “Tail” of Thieves is based on a breaking and entering at the Stoney Point Lighthouse.
Casinos of Michigan Book
Casinos of Michigan was reported, written and printed in Michigan by Michigander Steven Hepker.
Taj Cleans the Garage
Taj Cleans the Garage is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a little boy who does a chore that turns into an exciting adventure.
There are 508 Stars in the Sky
A fun and delightful story of two little girls who set out on a backyard adventure to answer one of natures great wonders.
The Sugar House
A gripping historical fiction novel that will transport you back to Detroit of the 1920’s – a world of Speakeasies, Gangsters, Auto Barons, Lawlessness and Innovation.
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
“The S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald” in the early evening of November 10, 1975, disappeared during a heavy snow storm on Lake Superior.
Air Pirates
Journey across the world of crime in the middle of the Colombian civil war and other countries to see how individuals smuggle drugs into the United States.
I’m A Michigander
From lake to glistening lake, this precious pair of peninsulas holds a special place in the hearts of those lucky enough to call Michigan “home.”
Gibraltar Series
Three book edition includes Gibraltar: A Novel, McKenna and Brannon: Course of Dreams.
Ghost Ships, Gales and Forgotten Tales: True Adventures on the Great Lakes
This book contains 13 stories of true Great Lakes maritime history. Stories take place in eras from 1950 to 1880.
Great Lakes Ghost Stories: Haunted Tales Past and Present
Great Lakes historian author has stumbled across many ghost stories connected to the lakes, from phantom ships, haunted islands and ghostly lighthouses.
Great Lakes Crime: Murder, Mayhem, Booze and Broads
Chronicles of the bloody history of the Great Lakes crime and criminals, from the bootleggers to the pirates and thieves.
Pirate Book One: The O’Malley’s
The word ‘amity’ means friendship or peaceful harmony. Not bloody likely. Amity O’Malley is anything but peaceful or harmonious.
Pirate Book Two: Siren Of The Sea
“Amity O’Malley may have just met her match. There’s another female pirate on her ocean, snapping up men right and left.
Great Lakes Lighthouses: American and Canadian
Taking lighthouse jaunts is a popular vacation for those who live around the Great Lakes.
Over The Ramparts
15 year-old Corriane Renaldi lives in a world no one ever wanted to see. Brutal attacks have left her country empty and almost uninhabitable.
Michigan Photo Bookmarks
The Michigan Photo Bookmarks are created using archival inks and papers with Michigan images.
Whistle In The Dark
From the beginning to the end Whistle in the Dark is filled with suspense, intrigue and mystery.
Mackinac Island Adventures
Mackinac Island Adventures Booklet is information that answers questions about visiting and living year round on Mackinac Island.
Activity Books
Activity Books include coloring books, riddle books, rhyming books, tongue twister books, eye spy books and more.
The Slip Clip
The Slip Clip – Keeps your pages in place.
Final Passage: True Shipwreck Adventures
True stories of actual Great Lakes shipwrecks, rescues and lighthouses through the eyes of the captain of the GRIFFON, the first ship to disappear on the Great Lakes.
Personalized Family Baby Books
Personalized Baby Books by Namely Me are uniquely written and personalized especially for first time parents – celebrating the gift that only a new baby can being.